Job Vacancies at Subway – Find Out How to Apply

Starting a career at Subway allows you to earn while learning valuable skills, engaging with a diverse customer base, mastering sandwich-making, and developing a structured work routine. 

This article offers insights into the various positions at Subway, the application process, and the benefits for successful applicants, guiding you smoothly through your employment journey with this renowned global brand.

Subway's Working Ambiance 

Subway, a renowned global brand, offers a dynamic and collaborative working environment. 

The brand's name, "Subway," is derived from its original concept of serving sub sandwiches, symbolizing the fresh, quick, and customizable offerings akin to a subway transit system. 


This environment not only fosters growth but also encourages employees to be innovative and customer-centric.

The Origin of Subway 

Founded as a modest sandwich shop, Subway has grown exponentially over the years. The intriguing name "Subway" was chosen to represent the submarine sandwiches they offered. 

As the brand expanded, so did its commitment to providing fresh, delicious, and tailored sandwiches to its global clientele.


Entry-Level Opportunities 

At the foundation of Subway's operations are the entry-level roles, which are pivotal in daily store activities.

Sandwich Artist

  • Role: Primarily responsible for crafting sandwiches to perfection and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Estimated Salary: $8-$12 per hour.
  • Skills and Qualities: Attention to detail, customer service skills, and adaptability.


  • Role: Manages transactions, ensuring accurate billing and positive customer interactions.
  • Estimated Salary: $8-$11 per hour.
  • Skills and Qualities: Mathematical accuracy, interpersonal skills, and patience.


  • Role: Maintains the cleanliness and hygiene of the store.
  • Estimated Salary: $8-$10 per hour.
  • Skills and Qualities: Attention to detail, diligence, and a proactive attitude.

Managerial Roles 

Subway's managerial positions are designed for those with a knack for leadership and a vision for store growth.

Shift Manager

  • Role: Oversees staff during specific shifts, ensuring seamless store operations.
  • Estimated Salary: $10-$14 per hour.
  • Skills and Qualities: Leadership, multitasking, and problem-solving.

Store Manager

  • Role: Manages the overall store operations, from staff to sales and inventory.
  • Estimated Salary: $30,000-$40,000 annually.
  • Skills and Qualities: Strategic planning, team management, and financial acumen.

Assistant Manager

  • Role: Supports the Store Manager in daily operations and staff management.
  • Estimated Salary: $25,000-$35,000 annually.
  • Skills and Qualities: Communication, organizational skills, and adaptability.

Corporate Career Paths 

Beyond the store, Subway offers roles that shape the brand's global strategy and presence.

Marketing Executive

  • Role: Plans and implements effective marketing campaigns to boost brand visibility.
  • Estimated Salary: Varies based on region and experience.
  • Skills and Qualities: Creativity, analytical thinking, and market research skills.

Supply Chain Manager

  • Role: Manages the end-to-end product delivery process, ensuring efficiency.
  • Estimated Salary: Varies based on region and experience.
  • Skills and Qualities: Logistics knowledge, strategic planning, and vendor management.

Human Resources Specialist

  • Role: Manages recruitment, training, and employee welfare initiatives.
  • Estimated Salary: Varies based on region and experience.
  • Skills and Qualities: Interpersonal skills, knowledge of HR laws, and conflict resolution.

Moving forward, let's explore the application process, which is a systematic approach to joining the Subway family.

Online and In-Person Application: Steps

Embarking on your Subway career begins with a straightforward application process. 

This section will guide you through online and in-person application procedures, ensuring you’re well-prepared with the necessary documents and a tailored resume.

Online Application 

Initiating your career journey with Subway starts online. Below are simplified steps to guide you through the online application process:

  1. Start by visiting the official Subway Careers website.
  2. Browse through the available vacancies, identifying positions that align with your skills and interests.
  3. Register as a new user, providing necessary personal information.
  4. Log into your newly created account and select your desired position.
  5. Complete the online application form, detailing your personal information, work history, and relevant skills.
  6. Optionally, upload your resume and any additional supporting documents.
  7. Submit your application and await confirmation of receipt. After submission, patiently wait for feedback while preparing for the next steps.

In-Person Application

For individuals preferring a hands-on approach, in-person applications are welcomed. Follow these steps for a smooth in-person application experience:

  1. Locate your nearest Subway restaurant.
  2. Approach the staff courteously, expressing your interest in available positions.
  3. Request an employment application form.
  4. Fill out the application meticulously, providing accurate and complete information.
  5. Hand in your completed application to the manager or designated staff member.
  6. Follow up on your application status after a reasonable period.
  7. Prepare for a potential immediate interview or assessment. Once your in-person application is submitted, focus on gathering the essential documents required for the position.

When applying, having your documents organized is essential. Ensure you have the following ready:

  • A well-structured, updated resume highlighting your relevant experience and skills.
  • Professional references, preferably from previous employers or supervisors.
  • Educational certificates and transcripts, if applicable.
  • Identification documents, like a driver’s license or passport.
  • Social Security Number or equivalent identification number.
  • Any certifications or licenses relevant to the position you’re applying for.
  • A cover letter, though optional, can enhance your application by showcasing your enthusiasm and fit for the role.

Why Consider Subway?

Transitioning from the application process, let’s explore the advantages that come with being part of the Subway team. 

A position at Subway not only offers a paycheck but also presents valuable benefits enhancing your financial and personal well-being.

Competitive Pay Structure 

Subway offers competitive salaries to its employees, ensuring that their hard work is adequately rewarded

For instance, a Sandwich Artist can earn between $8 to $12 per hour, while Store Managers might earn an annual salary ranging from $30,000 to $40,000. 

These rates can vary based on location, experience, and the level of responsibility associated with the role.

Performance Incentives 

Employees have the opportunity to receive performance-based bonuses, further increasing their earning potential. 

These incentives are designed to acknowledge and reward staff for their dedication, hard work, and exceptional service to customers and the company.

Comprehensive Health Benefits 

Subway provides its employees with essential health benefits, including medical, dental, and vision insurance. 

These health and welfare perks are vital for safeguarding employees’ well-being, offering protection and peace of mind for them and their families.

Exclusive Employee Perks 

In addition to health benefits, employees at Subway enjoy perks like discounts on meals, paid holidays, and flexible work schedules. 

For example, during shifts, they can avail of free beverages and a 50% discount on meals, making every workday more enjoyable and rewarding.

Career Advancement Opportunities 

Subway is committed to the professional growth of its employees, offering various training programs and promotion opportunities. 

Through these initiatives, even entry-level employees can envision and work towards a long-term career within the company, climbing up the corporate ladder with consistent performance and commitment.

Final Thoughts

In this guide, we've outlined the essential steps to kickstart your career at Subway, highlighting available positions, the application process, and the perks that come with being part of the Subway family.

Now, it’s your turn to step forward. With the knowledge at your fingertips, confidently apply and gear up for a rewarding career experience at Subway.

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