How to Watch Volleyball on Your Smartphone

After Olympic success at its spiritual home in Rio de Janeiro, volleyball is rapidly becoming everyone’s new favorite sport. But what’s the best way to watch volleyball when you’re out and about, commuting, or at the bar? 

Most of us love to watch sports on our phones now, with streaming services becoming the go-to way for many fans to get their fill of sports like tennis, football, and cricket. 


What about accessing a less established game like volleyball? Here are a few of the best ways for you to get access to high-quality action when you’re on the go. 

Watch Volleyball
Brazil take on Russia at the Rio Olympics. Photo: Ivacy.

Watch Volleyball on Volleyball TV

The dedicated online streaming service of the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB), Volleyball TV is a premium streaming service that allows you access to five different channels in one.

Using the service, you can access every level of international volleyball, including the following.

  • Volleyball Nations League 
  • Beach Volleyball World Championships 
  • Olympic Qualifying Tournament
  • World Cup
  • Club World Championships

The streaming service offers both live and on-demand options, allowing you to access a whole world of volleyball action, with commentary and analysis, highlights, replays, and more. 

You can also choose whether you want to pay for a season pass or a tournament pass (to just watch a certain set of games, like the World Cup), and the prices are extremely good for what you get. 

It’s perfect for your smartphone, too, with both iOS and Android versions. What’s more, Volleyball TV is available on Apple TV and Chromecast, as well, meaning you can access it from devices that you already have set up for easy streaming. 


Watch Volleyball Using Other Services

Although Volleyball TV definitely has the most comprehensive international coverage for watching the game, there are also other ways to watch, especially in the USA and parts of Europe. 

In America, games are often shown on NBC and can therefore be streamed using the appropriate service if you have paid for it. You can also access FloVolleyball.TV, a dedicated American channel for the game with an inbuilt streaming service. 

In Europe, a number of different services can be used. Check out the FIVB website for a really good breakdown of all the different ways to watch in different countries, many of which will support smartphone use. You can also watch a lot on YouTube.

As volleyball continues to grow as a sport, the ways to watch volleyball will definitely increase - but right now, there’s more than enough to get your fix, wherever you are in the world.

The best thing is that it’s an amazing and athletic sport to watch for a relatively cheap price.

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