The Best 2020 Rip Curl Surfboards To Choose From

If riding the perfect wave floats your boat, you should check out the ride with Rip Curl Surfboards. An activity once relegated to beach bums and thrill-seekers, surfing has become prestige sport. And it's also a super popular way to enjoy your beach holiday.

When starting out, you probably don’t put too much emphasis on the ideal surfboard, but with time, you start getting more particular on your choices. Surfboards are getting smaller and lighter with every passing day, and that takes surfing to a new level


So, to help you choose the best surfboard, we decided to take a look at Rip Curl Surfboards. Rip Curl was founded in the 1969 in Australia by two surfing enthusiasts. Their passion has helped them build a global brand with awesome boards.

The Best 2020 Rip Curl Surfboards To Choose From
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Whether you are a beginner, an advanced surfer or an intermediate one, Rip Curl offers the best surfboards to suit all your needs. Simply choose from their site, and then head over to the waves and take on the challenging winds.

What Are The Top-Board Surfboards

All Day Surfboard By Rip Curl

This is one of the best surfboards on the Rip Curl site that offers you the opportunity to enjoy yourself in the waters wave after wave. It’s reasonably priced, comes in a classic white color and a size 1SZ.


It is a hassle-free surfboard with the right amount of length for comfort while surfing. It is available in different sizes, depending on what you are looking for, and every surfer will just love its appearance and shape.

Its performance is unmatched, with the dual-composite core. This feature helps when there is high-tension. Its construction is for durability, rigidity and frequent surfing moments. They ship around the globe, so no matter where you are you can get your hands on one.

Zeus Surfboard By Rip Curl

This is a great board for your surfing and comes highly recommended due to its durability. It comes in white and a variety of sizes.


It ensures every surfer has the most ultimate time on the waves, and it features a soft foam structure for excellent support and comfort. If you are a beginner, this app shall take you through the process of surfing safely and stress-free.

Cruiser Surfboard By Rip Curl

This is a long surfboard that features the longest long boards which come in handy when you need protection from the waves. It is available in different sizes and is made of excellent material, so you are guaranteed of durability and safety.

It has a unique design that causes it to stand out. Although it is available in one color only – white, it still looks great. With its side and center fins, you are safe using the surfboard through all types of weather.

It is convenient, stable and well-designed, and most customers have been enjoying using it. It is very easy to learn how to surf using this surfboard and we highly recommend it for beginners and veterans as well.

You shall appreciate how it catches the waves perfectly and makes surfing easy, and so much fun for everyone. Its flotation is also top-notch.

The Best 2020 Rip Curl Surfboards To Choose From
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G-Board Surfboard By Rip Curl

So, this is one of the cheaper models, but also one of the best. It is ideal for anyone who loves to have fun in the water and wants to improve their surfing technique. Available in a variety of colors, it shall certainly make your surfing time much more fun than ever before.

You can choose from either pink, blue or orange, and features excellent flotation. It also makes it very easy for you to maneuver the waters, and just ride it like there is no tomorrow.

The body is strong enough to support you, and the bottom is designed with your safety in mind. Designed using high-quality polyethylene materials, this surfboard makes for a safe, easy to use and durable tool for all your surfing needs.

Parents will particularly appreciate this safe product as it ensures that your kids are safe and well taken care of. It is suitable for kids as well. Due to its lightweight, anyone can use it comfortably.

Rip Curl Surfboards Conclusion

Surfing is so much fun, but this fun depends on how comfortable you are when you're doing it. The above surfboards offer some of the very things that most surfers are looking for in their boogie boards. Happy surfing!

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