AFL News: How to Stay Up to Date

If you love Australian football, you're going to want to stay up to date on AFL News. The Australian Football League (AFL) is the professional body that governs professional football in the country. So if they've got some news, you're probably going to want to know.

The AFL also sets the football rules for the game in Australia. It was previously known as Victorian Football League (VFL) and founded in 1896. The league consists of 18 teams that are spread over the six big Australian states.


The matches are usually played in all the states, as well as in China and New Zealand, to promote the sport. A regular AFL season usually consists of 23 regular matches. If you want to know how to get in all of the matches you love, we're getting into it next.

AFL News: How to Stay Up to Date
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So, if you are a fan of this league, which almost all Australians seem to be, you want to keep yourself updated on all the news. If you have been looking for a place to receive all of this information, there are two options; You could download the AFL app, or log on to the website.

What Is The AFL App All About?

Latest news and videos

The app currently has hundreds of news features, as they keep you up to date at all times. If you want to find out which game is being played, and where this is taking place, simply log onto the site and receive this information.


The app also gives you comprehensive news on live scores, highlights of the games and videos. We are simply saying that if you happen to miss a match, you do not have to worry, because everything shall be summarized very clearly on the site and app.

Historical information

This website also features the history of Australian football, and how it has grown over the years. You shall get to learn about Tom Willis who founded Australian football, after attending school in England. It wasn’t a simple journey, and over time, it has greatly improved.

Live Matches

One of the best ways of keeping yourself updated on all things AFL is to watch the matches as they happen. If however, you are unable to do this, do now worry, the matches can be streamed lie from any location, where you get to watch your favorite team compete in the league.


Additionally, they have a library full of videos that you can watch to recap what happened, or as a reminder of what took place in the past.

There is also a broadcast guide. This shows you when a game will take place so you can schedule it in on your planner. Keeping this information ensures that you never miss anything. You shall also know which TV channels shall broadcast the matches live.

Match Details

The app is interactive, whereby, it allows you to live chat with other fans about what is happening in the game. Everyone knows that soccer is more fun when enjoyed with many people, and you can imagine discussing every single aspect of the match with your friends.

The AFL website features the live matches. It also gives all the fixtures on the goals that took place, the games that are pending, and all the information you want to know about the AFL.

Professional stats

There are 6 main categories on the stats window of the AFL website. Each of them provides you with different information. For example; the AFL stats pro features the one-on-one videos of the players, you can watch this to learn more about them.

Team rankings rank all the teams and how they have performed over the years. If you wished to understand the history of your favorite AFL team, simply log on and stay up to date with information such as kicks, handballs, disposals, hit-outs, marks, etc.

The stats files feature information from the past. Everything you ever wanted to know about specific games in the past. There is plenty of information here, and all you have to do is choose what you wish to know.

The premiership winners give you more statistics on which team won which game at a specific time in the past. They have information that dates back to 1887. This is a site that has kept good records over the years.

AFL News All The Time Anytime
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AFL News Conclusion

Die-hard football fans do not play around. They need their information and they need it now. So the website and the apps do a great job of ensuring that you are never left out of any big AFL news. Additionally, you can stream matches live which makes it all even better.

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