Check Out the Best Pre Workout Stretches

Have you ever questioned the importance of pre-workout stretches? Thousands of people focus only on the main exercise and aim for high-calorie burn, and completely ignore the need for pre-workout stretches

The overall value of stretching is immense. These simple moves before a high-energy workout can help your body become more pliable and decreases the risk of injury. 


Upon realizing how important these stretches are, it can be helpful to learn what muscle groups you need to stretch for the exercise session you have planned for the day. Read on to learn about some of the best pre-workout stretches.

Check Out the Best Pre Workout Stretches

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a sure-fire way to increase the heart rate before your workouts. This light intensity plyometric exercise is a great addition to your pre-workout routine as it involves stretching and shortening multiple muscles. 

If you are looking for a stretching exercise that can activate various muscle groups, you can consider jumping jacks. All you have to do is jump into the air. Every time you jump, stretch your arms over your head and spread your legs.   


Hand Rotations

This very simple yet effective stretch can help lubricate your wrist joints. It will prep your wrists for an array of exercises including those that involve lifting dumbbells and barbells.

The right way to do hand rotations is to lift hands in front of the body and make loose fists. Next, the wrists should be rotated clockwise for a few repetitions, and then a few more times in the opposite direction. 

This effortless pre-workout wrist mobility stretch is a great way to increase your range of motion. Without proper flexibility, your form is compromised and the benefits of exercise can be reduced. 


Full Leg Stretch

A full leg stretch can offer many benefits if performed before any exercise routine that involves working your legs. It’s a great pre-workout option before any cardio workout.

Leg muscles tend to get sore quite easily. If you hate painful and stiff legs after an engaging workout session, this stretch is the key to preventing it. 

To do the full leg stretch you can lie down and prop your legs up, or you can do it in a sitting position. Raise your arms and reach for your toes, ankle, or calf.

Light Jog

Another powerful yet underrated pre-workout is the light jog. You can jog in place or go for an actual jog. There’s no need for the jog to be too intense as the aim is to get the muscles moving and get your body warmed up. 

While it serves as a great warm-up stretching option for runners, a light jog can be a good way to start any workout. It is especially great before exercises that involve a lot of lower body activities.

If you are new to the world of running, you can modify this activity. Beginners can consider a power walk if light jogging is too much.

The Downward Dog

Check Out the Best Pre Workout Stretches

Many people associate the Downward Dog with Yoga but this is a great way to stretch your entire body before other exercises too. It allows you to work on both physical and mental balance.

To do this stretch, position yourself on all fours. Then, lift your hip higher to create an upside-down letter “V” with your body. 

This pose stretches the hamstrings, lower legs, feet, and lower back. For a deeper stretch, you can bend each leg at the knee for a few seconds at a time. 

Final Thoughts

Pre-workout stretching is an essential part of the workout and must not be missed. It adds more mindfulness to the workout sessions. Once you start doing these stretches, the benefits may lead you to consider these stretches as the favorite part of your workout.

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