The Best Platforms for Streaming Workout Videos

The pandemic has closed gyms and most workout places. Moreover, during the same uncertain times people were just staying home and eating which increased chances so of gaining extra pounds.  

Also, some people lost their jobs and businesses due to the pandemic while others lost their loved ones. All these scenarios lead to stress with its related issues like indulging in food. For these reasons, many sites have come up to offer streaming workout videos


These have made exercising much easier in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to worry about traffic, gym trainers and at worst contracting the virus because you exercise at home. Would you like the idea of streaming workout videos at home? Get the sites below.

The Best Platforms for Streaming Workout Videos
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Fiit platform is popular for showcasing high quality boutique class experiences and design to its subscribers wherever they are. It has a premium app to help you get interactive classes anywhere, anytime. Its classes are interactive and well produced to give you an engaging workout experience. 

Also, you’ll receive a heart-monitoring chest strap after signing up which will link you to the app and track your progress as you work out. 


It integrates your stats on screen and offers real-time performance metrics dependent on effort levels and gives you ‘personal best’ goals to beat. This feels like playing a video game but with much healthier outcomes. 

With all these features, Fiit membership is free and gives you access to specially selected personal trainer classes. However, premium membership comes with a Fiit device and complete access. Quarterly, it costs £45 and £120 annually.


The LA startup Plankk studio offers loads of on-demand and live workout videos from the fitness world’s top stars.  The unique factor that separates Plankk studio from other offerings is that it gives you access to the best trainers but also allows trainees to interact with their trainers


They can ask trainers questions and share their progress for more motivation. Similar services have only been provided by exclusive and expensive brick and mortar personal trainers or memberships.

Plankk studio app costs $14.99 monthly subscription and also has a token-based payment system for live classes. The more tokens you buy at once, the cheaper they cost. 

This is to incentivize trainers with a better cut in the token-based economy. The amount of tokens you need per live class vary according to class type and duration. Subscribe to Plankk here.

L1ve Home Fitness Workout

This is a bit different from other streaming workout video platforms in a number of ways. For instance, it comes in form of a box with a pre-loaded tablet to give users the ability to workout whenever and wherever they want without the need of a smart device. 

It has the Fit in 5 concept which is based on the idea that with 5 minutes of exercise daily, you can make positive changes to your fitness and health. 

This box has a detachable HD tablet pre-loaded with a power band that increases difficulty as you progress, twenty workouts, a defined food supplement to avoid snacking and food cravings between meals. This box also contains multivitamins with a minerals, vitamins and botanicals to maintain wellbeing and energy. Subscribe to this site on their website.

The Best Platforms for Streaming Workout Videos
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Movement for Modern Life

This is a perfect antidote for modern busy lives. It has revolutionized the online yoga world and wellbeing. This site offers intimate online experiences where subscribers can benefit from carefully selected yoga teachers from Blightly and beyond. 

It offers you over 800 yoga, mindfulness and meditation videos on the platform.  You can download Movement for Modern Life app and get access to a range of classes from different experience levels and yoga type. Membership fee starts at £10.99 monthly.

Final Thoughts

Today, the fitness and wellbeing industry has become a force. But again, our schedules have not adjusted, therefore, we have to learn how to work out the two together. Hence, many platforms that stream workout videos have been built. 

You don’t have to necessarily go to the gym. Rather just subscribe to any platform of choice and you can access workout videos and also interact with trainers.

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