Essential Gear Every Mountain Biker Needs

Before you do anything else, get yourself the essential pieces of gear every mountain biker needs. It is necessary to protect yourself when surmounting varied terrain or the thrill could turn dangerous. The best part of a biking trip is when you encounter surprises, but to be able to take it all in, you need to have the essential gear.

If your bike breaks down, you should be able to repair it on the spot and keep going. If your bike takes a hit, you shouldn’t feel the impact. If you are thirsty or hungry, you should have enough food and snacks to sort it out no matter how far from the beginning you are.


Adventure junkies go all-in when it comes to taking on the outdoors, and that's perfectly fine if you're prepared. We've looked into what you need to make sure your adventure is a safe one. Next, we've got all the essential gear you need so you can get out there, embrace the love of the game and be able to come home and tell the story. 

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Bike Helmet

The helmet is one of the most important pieces of gear that everyone MUST have. You should never ride without a helmet because it can significantly reduce the severity of a head injury and complications such as concussions especially when you happen to get into a low-speed crash. The helmet also has a visor that can block the sun from your eyes as your ride. What you need to do is focus on the trail and not have the sun messing with your vision.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is extremely necessary for bikers as it helps them keep the dust, dirt, and debris from the trail from their eyes, and it also enables them to see more clearly in case there is any bright sunlight or dark shadows. There is a wide variety of sunglasses that are available for mountain bikers and you should always choose one that is easy for you to wear, and one that is interchangeable with the current lens system you have.


Hydration Pack

While riding your bike, it’s not easy to take your hands off the handlebars and then grab a water bottle, especially if you are negotiating some very tight corners and terrains. So, you should wear a hydration patch when you are riding, because it gives you hands-free and easy access to the water. This is very important to anyone who shall be riding for more than two hours.

The Right Shoes

You should acquire the cleated bike shoes which shall work well with the pedals on your mountain bike. Essentially, you are required to lock your feed onto the bike. There is a wide variety of shoes you can choose from but all the shoes usually provide you with very good traction off of the bike, a stiff sole and above all, comfort, for better-pedaling efficiency.


You should have the properly designed mountain bike gloves because riding a mountain bike is more demanding on the hands compared to normal cycling. Other than absorbing the trail shock, your hands shall take some serious punishment if you happen to fall off. Bikers do tend to wear full gloves for better coverage, grip, and protection on the levers.


Padded bike shorts

Protective and padded shorts shall offer you some major benefits when you are riding a distance that is covered by rough terrain. The shorts also provide an inner lining that is padded that you wear like your underwear to increase your comfort and reduce any chaffing from the bike. The outer layer of the shorts looks a little baggy like a pair of shorts made from an abrasion-resistant fabric that is tough enough to hold up to any wear and tear from the tough trails you shall be riding on.

A bike repair kit

A simple repair kit for your bike should be attached to the saddle and should contain all of the essentials just in case you run into some mechanical trouble such as a flat tire while on the trail. The kit should have the basic equipment such as an extra tube, a multi-tool for bikes, a patch kit, tire levers, some cash, and a mini-pump. You should also keep your identification card in there with a list of important contact numbers so someone will know who to call if you happen to suffer a serious injury while riding the bike.

Essential Gear Every Mountain Biker Needs
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Essential Pieces Of Gear Every Mountain Biker Needs Conclusion

Getting good and enjoying any sport you do requires having the essential gear every mountain biker needs. The list above provides the absolute core of what you need before you hit the terrain. Also, include a first aid kit that can take care of simple injuries such as a sprained knee or a scratch.

When you are well-prepared, you can ride in comfort, with the knowledge that you are ready for everything ahead. Mountain biking isn't a sport for the lazy or lackadaisical, it requires vigilance and determination. If you're someone who hopes to kill it on Earth's course, get your safety on and then you'll be ready for your ride in.

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