How to Play Tennis in 5 Easy Steps

If you want to learn to play tennis, this simple guide is for you. Tennis’ popularity has risen through the roof because of the presence of renowned superstars like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. These two players have inspired many around the world to play tennis. Newer superstars are also rising through the ranks and giving the current ones a run for their money.

Because of the prominence of this sport, several youngsters aim to play tennis and become professionals in their future. Although tennis looks like a simple game to play, it is quite the opposite. Several people try their hand at the game and leave embarrassed and demoralized due to their failed efforts.


The game is technical from start to finish, and even errors in how you serve the tennis ball can cost you the game dearly. If you are someone who aspires to play tennis, look no further. Here are five simple steps that will teach you this sport’s basics.

Play Tennis

Before you begin, rest assured in the fact that tennis is not a very expensive sport to start playing. A simple racket can be bought for around $20-$30, and a pack of balls is just a few dollars. With some simple yet appropriate athletic clothing and tennis shoes, you are good to go.


1.     Service Stance

You have to serve the ball diagonally in the service court of your opponent. Aligning your body with the line of your service would be the ideal starting position. Make sure that your feet are not ahead of the baseline when you serve. Keep your back foot's toes in line with your front foot's heels for stability and executing the proper serving form.

2.     Using the Correct Grip

Having the correct grip is of extreme importance to play tennis without making many errors. There are a few ways to grip the ball properly in this sport. If you are a beginner, use the Eastern Forehand Grip.

It feels natural and allows you to make flat strikes. The only problem with this grip is that it has lower net clearance. Alternatively, you can also use the Continental Grip. It offers higher net clearance and lets you make full extension with the racket for power shots and spins.


3.     Footwork

Footwork is paramount to playing tennis effectively. If you remain stationary in your position at all times, you won't find many opportunities to strike the ball. Tennis has become remarkably quicker these days, so it is important to be on the move as soon as you strike.

Utilize the split-step technique by widely splitting your feet and moving sideways with a slight jump. It helps to create explosive movement and retaliate the opponent's strikes efficiently.

4.     Judging the Ball

You cannot do much to judge the movement of the ball immediately. It takes trial and error, which is why you should always keep on practicing until your hand and eye coordination improves.

It is an important skill to play tennis at a quick pace. Two bounce drills are also effective for tennis players, as they offer more time to judge where the ball is moving. Switch to one bounce drills once you get comfortable.

5.     Being Relaxed While Playing

Beginners at tennis often find difficulty in controlling the ball properly. Being too tense is the reason behind this. The easy way to be more relaxed when you play tennis would be to be conscious about your breathing and be confident in your preparation. A relaxed attitude will help you develop as a player and unlock further potential in your game.

The initial stages of learning to play tennis will surely feel difficult. However, once you get in the grove, you will end up loving this game.

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