5 Best Training Tips from Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably is the best player of all time. His prolific goal-scoring record and the number of trophies that he has won are testaments enough to tell you how good of an athlete he is. In fact, it would not be a stretch to say that he is a once in a lifetime athlete. His consistency is unparalleled, and the way he adapts to different playing styles without compromising his form is a scarce thing.

Training since childhood, Cristiano always dreamed of becoming a professional footballer. It seemed like an unrealistic dream, mainly because of how poverty-stricken his family was. However, through perseverance and training every day, Ronaldo came over all the obstacles that life threw at him and became the player that we all know and love today.


Ronaldo is now 34 years old, an age in which people start considering retirement from the club and country-level football. Ronaldo however, does not show signs of stopping any time soon. He is still at the top of his game and scoring goals like he always has. So, you might be wondering what the reason behind this player's success is. Sure, there is a natural talent, but it only takes you to a certain level. Ronaldo’s level is unmatchable, which tells that there is a lot of hustle hidden behind all that talent. Read further to see the five best training tips from Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo with a Football in the Field
Cristiano Ronaldo Ready to Hit the Football

The Most Invaluable Training Tips from Cristiano Ronaldo

1.      Training Body and Mind

A big thing that separates Ronaldo from all other athletes is the amount of physical and mental training that he goes through for every single match. There is no doubt that Ronaldo is a beast physically; his body fat of below 10 percent is proof of that. However, maintaining that with consistency is not something that one can easily achieve. It requires mental training, as well, and there is no one better than Cristiano Ronaldo at that.

2.      Discipline

Look at all the successful athletes around the world, and you will discover that discipline is what makes them achieve the things that they do. It is no different for Cristiano Ronaldo. He is as disciplined as they come. He trains rigorously and eats a clean diet every day, and the results are in front of us.


3.      No Compromise on Diet

Rarely do people look as good in their 30s as Cristiano Ronaldo. He could easily pass as someone who is in his 20s. Sure, exercising like a wild man every day is a big part of it, but it would’ve been impossible without following a strict diet. Ronaldo makes no compromises when it comes to diet; he eats clean and eats on time. The food he eats fuels his energy levels, which he utilizes on the field, and with good results.

4.      Be Competitive

Training alone does have its benefits, but it's not the same as training with a partner. It makes you compete with one another, striving to be better every day. Cristiano Ronaldo does the same. He practices alongside different teammates, not only making himself better but helping them in the process, as well.

5.      Setting Goals

Doing something just for the sake of it loses its charm quickly. Setting goals is what makes us thrive and work hard every single day. Cristiano Ronaldo had the goal and ambition of playing top-level football since his childhood; that far-sighted goal made him work for it every day until it became a reality.


By incorporating these tips into your life from Cristiano Ronaldo, you can also achieve greatness and improve your life. It will take time and patience, but it’ll be worth the wait. For more training tips from other athletes, click here.

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