NFL Picks against the Spread: Everything You Need to Know

The point spread betting is one of the most popular sport betting procedures around. There are a vast collection of sports wagers that use the point spread system, thanks to the popularity of sports such as basketball and football. 

Now, although this system of betting is extremely popular, it does take some time to understand it fully. In this review, we look at everything you need to know about the spread system, and how you can use it to make money.


The point spread betting system is also known as the Equalizer by the sportsbook operators. The concept behind it is that all teams are not created equally, and the sportsbooks can create a point spread for games in order for each team that is playing to have an almost equal chance of winning a game. In a way, the point spread system evens the playing field for the two teams that are competing.

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More about Point Spread Betting

The point spread gives a reason to the bettors to risk their money on both of the teams. The better team that is playing the game is usually considered to be the favorite. They, however, have to win on a point system that is spread by the sportsbook.

The favorite team is usually listed as a minus (-) in the point spread. The worse team is called the Underdog and is listed as being a plus (+). As a bettor, you will win if the team wins the game or loses by an amount that is smaller than the point spread.


An Example: Super Bowl 54

So, the Kansas City Chiefs were the favorites to win the Super Bowl. Accordingly, the point spread was that they would win over the San Francisco 49ers by a 1.5 point lead. The Chiefs, therefore, needed to win by either two or more points in order to cover this spread.

Likewise, the 49ers were required to win or to lose the game by less than two points in order to cover the spread. If the Chiefs spread by a -1 point, and Kansas won by the same exact point, the then betting result would push the betters on both sides, which would lead to their wager being refunded.

The Point Spread System

The points spread system usually sets its bets at -110 odds. The pricing, however, fluctuates with online sports books. This is the house edge for the sportsbook operators. The odds usually guarantee the sportsbook operator that they will see a little money from their bets over time. 


When the odds are set at -110, then the bettor can wager a $110 bet to win at least $100 or they can wager $11 to win $10. These odds are usually on a point spread system. This is commonly known as “Vig or Vigorish.” You may hear of the small profit margin the sportsbook gets that is called “Juice.”

The Point Spread and the Odds Movement

Now, the sportsbook operators usually claim to have an equal amount of money on both sides on a spread point. The money is then split by the operator, so you will see the exact Vigorish as the profit margin.

If all the other things are equal, over time, you will be able to maximize the amount of money the sportsbook operator can make. However, in order to have an equal amount of money on both sides of the wager, the sportsbook operator should move the points spread so it can attract money on the side that customers are not betting on.

The odds for the point spread may change before the real point spread. There are certain point spread numbers such as 3 and 7 that the sportsbook operator will advise you to avoid since the final margin score falls on these numbers way too often.

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When it comes to betting, you must be very smart and well-skilled in order to win. It can be a complex process that takes some dedication to understand fully. Hopefully, this article helped you understand the point spread betting method in sports!

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