Play NASCAR Fantasy Live

Fantasy sports leagues have grown in size and popularity in recent years, but NASCAR fans were left out in the cold. Fans wanted something that would connect them with NASCAR much like fantasy football leagues give folks a chance to create their own teams using actual football players. 

Finally NASCAR has been introduced by popular demand, but not a whole lot of NASCAR enthusiasts know about it. Some may be asking, is the game a virtual game? Do I get my own car? How do I play?


Hold on for just a minute as all those questions have answers. The answers have been carefully researched to ensure you not only get to know more about the fantasy game, but also how you can sign up to take part. Read on to get info and start living your Fantasy NASCAR dream today. 

Play NASCAR Fantasy Live
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NASCAR Fantasy Live

One thing you should note when you see the term live on a game is that the game is played online. This is so you can connect to real world NASCAR events, making the experience more real. For example, with Fantasy Football, if a player is injured in real life, you can't select him in the game either. 

The players of this game are fantasy NASCAR team owners and can select a group of drivers to take part in the game. There are two ways to play the game. You can play the free version where you compete for fun and test your driving skill against other drivers. 


There's also a play-to-play mode where you have to put down cash to take part - and you can also win real cash and merchandise.

How to Play NASCAR Fantasy Live

First there are 26 regular season races in the game and you can only use a driver up to 10 times during that season. Then there are the playoffs that have up to 10 races where you have to compete to be crowned and here, you can use a driver only 5 times for the game.

To actually take part in the game, you need to sign up through the game's website and that's also where you are able to select your roster. And since almost everything today needs to have a mobile experience, you can download the game's app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.


The good part about using the mobile aspect of the game is that you get regular alerts about the game. 

What Your Driver Roster Looks Like

Your roster should have at least 5 starting drivers. You then have a garage driver who remains on reserve. One question that really bugs players all across is the importance of the garage driver. Well, you can substitute any of your starting drivers with the garage driver. 

This, however, has its own set of time that you can do, for example, you can only use the sub until the start of the final stage. For the selection of drivers you have a $100 cap for your roster each week. You can make changes on Wednesdays.

Play NASCAR Fantasy Live
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Now points are quite crucial to this game as they determine who eventually wins the race. The overall tally of points at the end of the race season determines the winner of the season. Position 1 of each race is awarded 43 points, 2nd position gets 42 points and 3rd gets 41 points. 


Playing NASCAR Fantasy Live gives you a chance to feel like part of the action. Whatever your team of players do in real life NASCAR will show up in your fantasy league. So choose wisely because you can actually win real money and prizes if you know how to manage a great team. 

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