Need a Challenge? Try the Army 10 Miler

There's nothing like crossing the finish line of a race, totally exhausted and totally satisfied. Running keeps your mind and body healthy and participating in races like Army 10 Miler also gives you a goal to look forward to.  

The Army 10 Miler is a hugely popular race in the US. All funds raised from the race go to the army family Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) program. More than 900 soldiers and another 900 volunteers help make this race happen. 


You can learn more about the history of the race, and where and when it takes place by reading on. You also get to find out just how you can register for the race and get prepared up next too. 

Need a Challenge? Try the Army 10 Miler
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Race History

This is the second largest 10-mile race in the U.S. Just a bit smaller than the Philadelphia Broad Street Race. The race is sponsored by the U.S Army - District of Washington.

The 10 mile racer began in 1985. The idea behind it was basically to reach promote physical fitness while connecting to local communities. Today, it has grown to one of the races that everyone looks forward to, that's despite a few scares that have affected the race in recent years. 


The race is open to both army families and civilians.

When and Where The Race Happens

The race happens annually in October and there are a number of events that happen during the race. The race takes place in three different states. Those are Virginia, Arlington and Washington D.C.

The events that make this race all the more spectacular include a youth activity fair, youth run and pre-race pasta dinner. 


How To Prepare

Professionals advise that before you take part in any race, you need to be prepared. Especially if it's one that is likely to take a toll on you. But just how can you prepare for a 10 mile race? Try out the following. 

Sign Up with a Local Running Group

Running alone, or  training alone can be a challenge, but as a group it's much easier and tolerable.

Have a Training Regimen

This should include at least 3-4 runs per week. You can start out with short runs and then increase until you hit the 10-mile mark. 

Schedule Your Training

You should have a clear schedule of at least 20 - 30 weeks before the race to get into good shape. 

Avoid Injuries

In order to avoid injuries, include at least two days of strength training in your schedule. 

Eat Healthy

Lastly, you have to eat healthy while you prepare. Stay away from processed foods and eat meals that are going to give you essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay strong. 

Need a Challenge? Try the Army 10 Miler
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How To Sign Up For the Race

You can sign up for any of the events that take part in the race online. You can sign up as an individual or as a team. You can also sign up for the youth run - if you fall into that category. 

You can also get ideas on how to plan for the race from the site. And you can check out accommodations that are near the race location. The site will also provide you with information about race rules and security measures among other things.  


Running isn't just physical, it's also mental, which means you can conquer your mind, you can conquer the race. At first 10-miles might seem like a lot, but the more you practice, the easier it becomes and you start to fell like a real athlete. 

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