How to Watch UEFA Champions League on Your Smartphone

The greats in the world of football go head to head in the UEFA Champions League every year to provide us with a no-holds-barred sporting spectacle. This competition is arguably the biggest club competition in the world of football and one of the biggest sports event in the world.

Liverpool is the current winner, but Real Madrid has won the championship 13 times, which makes them the all-time best team in the league. Other teams in the league include Liverpool, Barcelona, Manchester City, and Chelsea F.C.


If you have ever been to a stadium to watch one of their games live, you'll see the colors, here the songs and feel the excitement. Football fans are a different breed. And if you want to join in on the excitement then up next you'll learn how to watch it all with an app.

Image Source: Wikipedia.orgSo, we compiled this list of the best apps for watching the Champions League and other matches on your smartphone in order to make your life easy. Some of them may not show the live matches, but they ensure you get all the highlights of the game, and especially the history-making moments.


First Things First, Stay Safe

Whenever you are streaming online, always ensure to keep your privacy and security above all else. You will want to ensure that you do not overstep on copyright infringement on any site. The VPN protects you from being tracked by the copyright protection agency and having legal actions taken against either you or a member of your family.

Further, having a VPN shall also enable you to watch all restricted content such as sites that are unavailable outside your country and it shall also protect your IPS from being throttled when streaming a match.

Find the right VPN that shall ensure you have the highest speed and one that will not keep buffering you when you are streaming a live match. There are plenty in the market, and you may need to pay some money to use them, but it is more than worth it when you are enjoying your Champions league finals.


BT Sports

This offers free streaming of the Champions League, and the Europa League as well. All the games are broadcast on TV and online as well. They broadcast 14 UEFA Europa matches and 12 Champions League matches.

You can watch the matches on your PC, your BT android or IOS app or stream it on YouTube. It is, however, a restricted app that can only be available in the UK.

Mobdro App

Now, this is the ultimate sports app. If you love your football, then you need to have this app on your phone and all other streaming devices. This app can stream on your phone, TV, and laptop.

With Mobdro, you also get to watch all other leagues, plus, movies, music and other types of shows from many different stations. For Sports, the app streams BT Sports, ESPN, BEIN Sports, NBC Sports, and many others for free. All you need to do is find the app on your app store or google play store and download it.


This is yet another great app for watching all League competitions. It is free and works by offering 3rd party links to the best live sports channels in the world. Each of their channels offers multiple links that are useful in case one is not working as required.

You can download the app on all of your streaming devices, and get to enjoy the best of sports. There is also a feature you can use to search for live sports using the links they provide.

Feed2all app

This is not well known, but it is a rich streaming website that has plenty of videos from all over the world. Whichever soccer match you wish to watch, you can find it under the flag of the country where it is being played.

The site also gives you the timing of each game as per your time zone so you never have to miss a game.


The Stream2Watch app transmits messages to its users who are watching the matches live. The streams are also arranged according to time, and there is a flashing indicator to show you which game is playing at each time. This is a great app that offers an excellent viewing experience.

Watch UEFA Champions League On Your Smartphone
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UEFA Champions League On Your Smartphone Conclusion

With the advancements made in technology, there is really no reason to miss your favorite game and your favorite team. The fact that these apps are free makes them the most ideal to have on your phones and other devices. You may have to pay for a good quality VPN, but that is for your own personal protection.

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