5 Best Training Tips from Neymar

Tune in if you would like to learn some professional training tips from one of the best. This year's football season has started with a bang. There have been plenty of unexpected wins, losses, and upsets that shook the football world. New players are emerging, while the ones who performed well previously are not doing as well as they used to. Neymar however, is as consistent as they come. Rarely are there moments when you see the Brazilian underperform in a football match. He is always on top of his game, showcasing his patented skill set like only he could.

With the domestic and European leagues quickly progressing, Neymar will always have to face adversity during his career, just like every other football player. But what makes him unique from many other players is the fact that facing adversity is just like a walk in the park for him. Why? You might ask. Well, it is because of his mindset when it comes to training. You cannot become one of the best in the world without training like a madman like Neymar.


If you are wondering about the philosophy involved behind Neymar’s training, look no further. As mentioned below, here are 5 of his best training tips.

training tips

1.     Building Endurance and Strength

There shouldn't be any doubts about the fact that football is a strong man's sport. You cannot play it without strength and endurance, let alone reach a high level. Despite being smaller in size in comparison to his teammates, Neymar is deceptively strong and has stamina for days.

He works on these two attributes daily by doing plyometric exercises, lifting some weights, and practicing his skills for hours on an open field.


2.     Prioritizing Tactics

Football is already a fast-paced game to begin with. It has become even faster now, though. Blink, and the defender will cover his tracks and prevent you from scoring goals and vice versa.

Being tactically strong will make sure that you are always aware of who is marking you and where your teammates are. You can get better at tactics by playing in a variety of formations during training. Practicing with players who are better than you will sharpen your skills and intelligence. This is just one of Neymar's great training tips.

3.     Following Your Instincts

Whether it is a football match or life itself, this tip remains helpful and true. Not following instincts can make or break an advantageous situation. Sure, Neymar practices his skills a lot, but he wouldn't be able to apply them successfully if his instincts were not strong. Applying your knowledge during the game and learning from your mistakes will make your instincts strong.


4.     Aligning Mind and Body

Technique and strength are paramount for improving your skill for any sport. However, those attributes do not work alone. You have to become mentally tough, as well. Focusing on the things that you plan to do during the game is a great way to make your mind and body work in sync. You will become more aware of the situation you find yourself in and most importantly, how to navigate yourself out of it.

5.     Diet

The food you consume throughout the day plays a big role in the performance of your mind and body. Eating high-carb foods with empty calories will only make you slow and lethargic. Eat a clean diet of vegetables and lean meats, and you will feel the difference in your performance within days. It worked for Neymar, and it'll work for you, too.

By applying the tips mentioned above from Brazil’s own Neymar to your daily routine, you will see significant improvements in your game and life in general. Make sure that you are consistent, and in case your schedule stops you from following these tips, always have an alternate plan to modify the routine in your favor. For more training tips, check out the rest of our website!

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