How to Play Basketball in 5 Easy Steps

You might be surprised to find out that basketball was created to keep children busy during the months of winter. Initially, all you had to do for scoring was to shoot a ball into a net. There weren’t rules to play basketball like there are today. However, as time passed by, the game became more and more civilized and eventually became an internationally recognized sport.

Now, there are basketball leagues that create billions of dollars in revenue. Players who are influential in their team's victory are given salaries in millions and endorsements that set them up for life. However, to reach the top level of basketball, a lot of hard work is necessary. Players start practicing to play basketball from the time they are young children, and with consistent training, they become world-record athletes.


If you are reading this and plan to become a basketball player but don’t know how, don’t worry. After reading this article, you will know the basic steps that will teach you how to play basketball.

Play Basketball - Basketball Player Jumping with the Ball
Basketball Player Throwing the Ball in the Basket

1.     Understanding the Basics

To play basketball at a high level, you must have a thorough understanding of its rules. A hoop and a ball are necessary to play a basketball game. Make sure that you set the hoop at a height that is challenging enough for you. A good, standard basketball will cost you around $15-$20, and a personal basketball hoop for your home will cost anywhere from $500-$2,000. Of course, if you have local basketball courts that are free to use, these will work perfectly for starting out.

Ten feet and 18 inches is the regulation height of basketball hoops. Half-court basketball requires a single hoop. However, a double hoop is used to play full-court basketball. Before you try and emulate trick shots from your favorite players, start with the basics and learn to shoot the ball with accuracy. Raise the difficulty once you notice improvements.


2.     Teams

Two teams are necessary to play basketball games. For this, you will require a full-court and two hoops on both sides of the court. In case you happen to be short on players, you can always play basketball in half a court. Reduce the number of players in a team and score by shooting the ball on a single hoop after dispossessing a team.

One team consists of 5 players that will run the court at a given time: a point guard, center, power forward, small forward, and shooting guard.

3.     Learning to Score

An offensive basketball player can make 1 to 3 points with one shot. The place where he or she is taking the shot also makes a world of difference. In case a foul occurs, players get the opportunity of scoring from a line known as the free-throw line. Colliding with players when they are taking shots results in a foul. If the said player makes the shot, he or she gets a single free throw. If he or she doesn’t, they get two free throws.


4.     Passing and Dribbling

Your opposition will never let you keep the ball for a long time. They will always try to prevent you from scoring through various defensive techniques. There are two things you can do to retain the ball for your team.

The first thing is to keep it safe with you by dribbling it around, while the other would be to pass the ball to your teammate. You can learn to dribble by putting obstacles around the place where you practice and dodging them. Always keep your head up while dribbling.

5.     Learning Roles

All five players on a basketball court play different roles for their teams. Although you will only be assigned a single role, it is important to learn all of them in case your teammate gets injured, and there aren’t any backups. Moreover, it also helps to understand your team's mentality.

You can play basketball easily if you focus on the tips and regulations mentioned above. Practice them with consistency, and you will begin improving in little to no time. For more articles related to the exciting world of basketball, click here!

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