7 Interesting Facts About Horse Racing

Right from the early days when horses were used for transport, a source of entertainment and helping hand in business, horses have increasingly become popular. Now they even have a sporting event that is graced by people from all walks of life including royalty.

Today’s horse racing is more interesting, which is similar to chariot races that were prevalent back then. Even those horses that were used in chariots are hard to find nowadays.


Though we see people riding horses today, they are mostly in competitions and races. There are big horse races that happen annually that people look forward to. There must be something interesting about horse races that make people want to attend. Find them below.

7 Interesting Facts About Horse Racing
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Horse Racing Is the Second Favorite Sport in Britain after Football

In Britain, horse racing is the second favorite sport after football, in terms of spectatorship. It usually registers over six million attendees going through the turnstiles at racecourses in Britain every year. This sport popularity is widespread throughout the entire country.

Horse Racing Is ‘The Sport of Kings’

Back in 1605, King James I took a strong interest in racing before he was urged by parliament to transfer his attention to running the country. This same King James established Newmarket as a royal resort and also began racing horses in town. 


However, his son, Charles II is the one that made Newmarket into what we know it as the British racing headquarters.

It's Better Live than on TV

Aren’t all games and sporting events better to watch them live as opposed to watching them on TV? This explains why tickets to big games are usually costly because everyone wants to be there and catch the action live. 

As if to support watching horse racing live, less than 5% of UK races are broadcast on terrestrial TV. Therefore, the best way to get your thrill is to go racing. However, there are horse racing fixtures on most of the days save for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


Original Racehorses Were Bred for War

Have you heard the three founding sires of Thoroughbred racing? These were the first racehorses in the UK that arrived in England between the 17th and 18th centuries. These original horses were bred for war overseas. 

The Byerley Turk, Darley Arabian and Godolphin Arabian were powerful and fast horses and were reared with local mares to produce the Thoroughbred lineage that we see till today.

It Contributes Billions to the UK Economy

Given the popularity of horse racing, it generates hefty sums of money to UK’s economy.  This industry has been named the world leader in generating billions; it contributes more than 3.7 billion pounds to the country’s economy. This partly comes from iconic events like the Cheltenham Festival and The Randox Health Grand National that are both watched by millions of people around the world.

It Was Once Outlawed

In the years 1653 - 1658, during the protectorate of Oliver Cromwell, racing of horses was banned. When horse races were banned, the majority of the horses were seized by the state after the civil war. The early proponents of British racehorse breeding suffered a temporary blow and after 1658, the ban was lifted. 

7 Interesting Facts About Horse Racing
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Betting Game

Do you know you can earn money at the same time enjoying the thrill and fun that horse racing brings? Well, that’s true. Wagering is one of the many reasons why individuals look forward to horse racing events to take place. 

You are free to bet on Kentucky Derby, Breeder’s cup, Prix de l’arc de Triomphe and other horse racing events. Just like any betting game, the decision lies on people’s likes and the matches they are prepared to risk their money on.

Betting is one way to earn easy money which makes it addictive. If you don’t want to be addicted, you must learn to be a knowledgeable bettor. You must understand the basics and understand the risks involved in betting to avoid reaping its drawbacks like losing out huge sums of money and being addicted.

Bottom Line

Horse racing is one interesting sporting event that is popular in the UK. Loads of people look forward to these events with anticipation and excitement. Did you know you can bet in horse racing? Well, betting is not only for football. Also, horse racing contributes billions to the economy.

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