WAMR - Learn How this Tool Can Retrieve Text Messages and Download Statuses! All with One App!

We are generally curious people, and when someone sends you a message and then quickly deletes it before you’ve had a chance to read it, makes you pretty disturbed and in some cases, you may want to do anything in your power to retrieve and read the deleted message.

Now, we just found you the solution to this – WAMR, this app is able to help you recover text messages and other media attachments such as videos, pictures, audio animated stickers and gifs, and even voice notes.


It can also download statuses as well. All this is being done by one app, so just get ready to learn all there is to learn about this app, including how you can download and use it on your phone to recover the information that may be deleted by your senders.

WAMR - Learn How this Tool Can Retrieve Text Messages and Download Statuses! All with One App!
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How Does It Work?

Messages normally are usually encrypted on your phone, and WAMR is really not able to access them directly. The only solution there is to the problem is to read them through the notifications you may have received by creating a message backup that is based on the notifications history.

The WAMR app will detect these messages as having been deleted and it will then immediately show you the message notification so you can be able to read it on your phone.


Media Messages

Now, for the media attached to the messages, if the sender happens to delete it, then you shall also receive a notification of the same.

WAMR is then able to recover messages such as pictures and videos, animated gifs and many others through the notifications you might have received to download them on your phone.

Limitations of the App

Please note: There really isn’t any official way of recovering your deleted messages, and what most apps will do is to work around your phone to find an easy method of doing it. As a result, any app is bound to encounter some limitations in the process.


For the WAMR app in particular, here are some of the issues it’s likely to run into while trying to retrieve the messages on your behalf.

The text messages are only recovered through the notifications which means that if you have disabled the notifications on your phone, then you may not be able to recover these deleted messages of photos and videos on your phone.

You may encounter the problem of not having your messages saved on your phone simply by having the app, and therefore, you should remove it immediately in case you find this happening. 

Other Things to Consider

Please note that WAMR is not able to save the files that are sent to your phone if they are not completely downloaded. If you happen to be offline or you have an unstable connection, then WAMR will not be able to do anything in order to save your deleted messages.

In case you are not using a Wi-Fi connection, then some of the media shall not automatically download to your messages app. You should try and change this by visiting the Messaging app, then Settings, and then Data and Storage so you can increase your chances of having messages saved and retrieved later on.

Other app limitations are probably caused by the Android version you are running on your device or in case there is a problem with the phone. 

Download WAMR here.

WAMR - Learn How this Tool Can Retrieve Text Messages and Download Statuses! All with One App!
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For anyone who tends to have this happen to them a lot – where your friends send messages and then they delete them before you’ve had an opportunity to read, simply download this app on your phone and get the opportunity to always retrieve the deleted messages and beating them at their own game. All the best.

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