The Best Archery Equipment for Beginners

You may envision a golden bow and arrow but the best archery equipment for beginners doesn't have to be so costly. When searching for the best archery equipment for newbies, it is advisable to not shop in general stores. Don’t buy this equipment in department stores such as Target or Walmart, because chances are that they do not have sales staff that can help you buy the right products.

When starting, you need plenty of advice on the best equipment that ensures you are comfortable as you try to aim your arrow at your target. Standard sports retail stores are likely to just pull anything off the shelves and sell it to you. This may end up messing up your game. You may buy a bow that is too big, or too heavy to draw, and one that is probably not the right length. If you don’t start with the right tools, you may never become a great archer.


So, you need to find a dedicated archery shop that has the right staff and equipment for a beginner. They can help you find the bow that can fit your hands the best for perfect aim, and also the right arrow. Also, they can direct you to the nearest clubs for you to join and become a young archer. Do not buy a bow before you have properly held it in your hands and given it a test run. Let's get into how you can be the best archer you can be.

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What Is The Best Archery Equipment For Beginners?

The Basic Recurve

Almost all manufacturers sell a basic recurve bow and this is the best for a beginner. While they all appear similar, they are different in terms of their composition. Some have a wooden riser, which is the mid-section of the bow, while others are made of polymer, metal or polycarbonate. All of these have different price ranges, according to the material used. The best thing to do is shop where experts sell and try out a few with them while receiving advice on the best.

It is important to note that when buying bows for kids, do not go for the heavy ones, assuming that they shall grow into them. No. heavy bows usually put the archer at great risk of shoulder and back injuries. Buy your child a bow that is comfortable for them to draw and hold at a full draw for around 30 seconds, not one that shall be too heavy for them to use.


Compound Bows

This is the other type of bows, and they are also great for beginners, but they tend to be more expensive. They should be fitted on the arm of the archer, and for most of them, this involves the use of special equipment. If you are a beginner, use the Mathews Genesis compound bow. This is not purely compounded, but it shall make it easy for you to learn the sport.


The only word you need to know when it comes to beginner arrows is – Jazz. The Easton Jazz arrow is the best and most affordable for you. It has distinctive shafts that are purple and can be found in all shops. The arrows cost around $50 per dozen and they are always ready to shoot. Your local archery shop should already have a sizing chart which helps determine the right arrow for you, and these Jazz arrows really do perform the best.

Don’t even bother looking for any other arrow. This is simply the best. The Easton Company also makes identical shafts that are black to go with the nifty fire graphics. This is a tribute and an attempt to cash in on the popularity of the hunger games movie.



Most people assume that having a bow and arrow is enough, but that’s not it. Some accessories come with it such as an arrow rest and a nocking point. The rest is a plastic or metal material that is usually attached to the bow to offer support to the arrow.

The nocking point, on the other hand, is a small ring that is made of brass and it is used to clamp on to the string and indicates where the arrow should be placed. The archery shop you shall choose to buy your equipment should have these accessories in the store.

Their cost is modest. A rest can cost anywhere between $1 - $10. In addition to these, you should also consider buying an armed guard, a quiver, a sight, stabilizer, finger tab, chest protector and bow sling. Don’t go for fancy expensive stuff, just simple equipment shall help get you where you need to be an archer.

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What Is The Best Archery Equipment For Beginners Conclusion

As a beginner archer, concentrate more on learning the skill rather than buying expensive equipment. Once you become a pro, you shall be in a better position to choose the expensive stuff to perfect your skill. Also, it isn't just your finesse with the bow and arrow, you need to keep your body limber too, especially your arms.

Thanks to its popularity in Hollywood films, archery has become the new IT sport to check out. You can get yourself ahead of the curve by trying out this equipment and becoming a master before everyone else getting on the bandwagon.

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