Which Sports Work Your Arms The Most?

If the skin under your arm is getting a tad flabby, you'll want to know about which sports work your arms the most.  Nobody likes having their underarm skin continue to wave long after their hand has stopped waving, so it's time to find a solution. It may seem like a huge task losing any type of fat on your body, but if you love sports, you can lose it by playing one of them.

You must, however, choose the right sports that target your arms. Most sports helps you to keep fit because playing makes use of some very important muscles in your body. The best sports for your underarm flaps are those that work your arms as much or more than your other body parts. In this review, we take a look at sports that make use of your arms and hand muscles if you wish to tone up.


Biceps are a muscle group that is located at the front of your arms, and they begin from your shoulders, and end midway down your arm. The motion of bending your arm while playing a sport contracts your bicep muscle and causes it to flex, making them extra strong. The following sports make use of your arms and help your arms become super strong. 

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Of all racquet sports, tennis is one of the best for your arms. The overhand moves work perfectly for toning and the forearm swing shall work great for your shoulders and upper chest. Even if you play tennis for just a couple of hours each week, you shall still manage to get toned on every part of your arms, and this includes your triceps, biceps, forearms, and shoulders. It is perfect for your whole body. Running back and forth while playing tennis shall also work wonders on your legs as well, along with your heart, because it is a good form of cardio training.


Bowling makes use of very big balls that weigh almost 16 pounds, and therefore it works on your arms. The danger with bowling would be if you work on only one arm, and this can bring the risk of developing the dominant arm more than the other. You should, therefore, bowl a few times with one arm, and then use the other one just for fun, or do some weightlifting with dumbbells to balance both arms at the same time.



Golf seems like such a low-impact and leisurely kind of sport, but it’s not. This is a game that works on your upper body, and most especially your arms and your back. The whole act of hitting the ball with the golf club requires you to use plenty of strength and the strongest impact is usually on your arms and core muscles.

Now, because most golf players tend to hit the ball from the side, they also run the risk of developing one side of their arms more than the other. It is therefore advisable that you do extra work on your other arm, such as lifting weights, so you can evenly distribute the muscles.


Swimming really is all about the arms. All the moves, breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke and butterfly all make use of your arms dominantly, and therefore it is one of the best sporting activities for getting rid of underarm fat. Just ensure to include all moves while working out, so you can ensure that the muscles have an even tone and definition.



Rowing is a fantastic way to build up strength in your arms. When you put the paddle in the water and pull the water back to propel it, you are essentially working against the current, and this activity shall target your upper arms and your back as well.


This has got to be the most physical sport of all, and it requires a 100% commitment from your arms. It strengthens your shoulders and also tones your biceps and triceps. The constant pushing and tugging of your muscles against your bones during the process also increase the strength of your upper body. While playing basketball, there is also running and jumping, which still work at improving your health and toning your whole body.


Gymnasts mostly use their arms to lift themselves and there isn’t a better way of toning and giving you upper body strength. This sport also increases your balance, coordination, endurance, and flexibility. For you to succeed as a gymnast, you must have very strong arms that can hold you up.


With volleyball, you must use your arms to hit the ball onto the opponent’s side of the net. This causes your metabolic rate to increase, boosts your mood and strengthens your body. It is the most preferred sport for people who are looking to lose weight and tone their bodies.

Which Sports Work Your Arms?
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Which Sports Work Your Arms Conclusion

With any of the above sports, you can be assured of building up the strength in your arms. Additionally, if you want to take it to the next level, you can also include weight training. Sports, however, are a fun way to exercise without feeling that you are exercising, which is why many people love getting their arms workout in while also having fun at their favorite sport.

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