Boxing Techniques To Make You Stand Out

Nobody ever took up boxing to stand in the shadows, that's why you need boxing techniques that make you stand out. When watching a boxing match, it’s easy to understand what techniques the fighters excel at. And those techniques definitely came with

Throughout the history of boxing, the techniques, styles, and strategies have changed, but laser precision has always been key. The factors that influence a boxer’s technique in the boxing ring include training, coaching as well as taking the time to study the boxing greats via video or at a fight. Watching how the greats used boxing techniques to own the ring is a true motivator if you want to stand out.


So if you want to know about boxing techniques that are going to make you stand out, then we're going to help you. Our editors have looked into some of the techniques used by the best of the best and created a list for you. Read everything down below and then make it your own by infusing your personality and boxing style.

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The Endless Angles

Pro boxers often use this technique to stand out and win competitions. Endless angles are when their punches come from all sides and just hammer the opponent. A quick jab can do some major damage. They can do this by either passing them inside the middle of your arm or the outside of your forearm.

To do this, their right hand usually comes high, around, straight, low, under and through. This technique can be done twice. Their left hook shall also come from low and high straight to your chin, or your forehead or even the side of your head. This can hit our body even while you think that your elbow shall block it.


The Game-Stopping Jab

This is what you hear people call “A pro boxer's jab” if you have ever seen it in action, you shall understand why it is a game-stopper. It can counter any punch that is thrown at you, and it can interrupt any opponent no matter what skill they have. As a technique, this is what it can do; it can stop a right hand, it can stop an opponent from reaching to you, and it can stop an opponent’s hook. It is a very hard skill.

For this one, we shall tell you how it’s done – the first thing you should know is that it is much more than just having a stiff and sharp power of accuracy, and the pros actually have very precise timing with the jab. Sometimes they can throw it very fast in order to surprise their opponents, or they can throw it at a lightning angle from any position. The jab always finds their opponents and can interrupt their combinations and thoughts.

The Make-A-Miss Wide Technique

A pro boxer can do this technique with major finesse by mastering the art of slipping punches. This skill is obviously designed to avoid them getting punched and it is a not-so-obvious way of aiming at the wrong place. There are however many other ways of missing a punch and making someone think they made it wrong, but this one is the best.


It, however, requires some serious skill and plenty of practice. The pro boxers are very good at it, and they know the right position to bait in the punches. They have also learned how to combine flow and rhythm as they do it, and statistically, they have been known to guess the most likely position that their opponents will throw from.

The Killer Inside Technique

Pro boxers are very good at fighting on the inside. They are usually very comfortable fighting up close as it offers the best defensive skills. Amateurs, however, require too much skill to do this, and they mostly rely on footwork for their defense. Now, a pro boxer can last up to 12 rounds, fighting all through, but an amateur can only last 3 rounds. This, therefore, means that you need to have enough energy to keep running around the ring as much as possible, and you need to learn the technique of conserving your energy.

Excellent boxers have the experience of being in the ring for many years, which means that they are very comfortable with an up-close encounter with an opponent. They also understand the main punching rhythms and how to roll the punches off at point black. Pros need to understand how fighting works outside as well.

Boxing Techniques To Make You Stand Out
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Boxing Techniques To Make You Stand Out Conclusion

To become a great boxer, there are some standard boxing techniques you must be well-versed in. If you can't perform the techniques listed above, then the chances you're going to stand out become slim. Perfecting your technique and speed is of the essence when it comes to boxing. Then you can add your own personality like Muhammed Ali so that both your technique and style help you stand out in the boxing ring.

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