Check Out The 5 Best Movie Portrayals of Sports

Some movies give us an accurate eagle's eye view of sports life and so we've decided to look into the best movie portrayal of sports. Sports have been around for centuries and so have movies. There are some great movies that combine sports into their storylines, which gives us a wealth of information of what it's really like to be an athlete.

A great sports film should have a sports setting, either a stadium, arena, or even the Olympics. They should also have a big finale event, dubbed the big game, or the big competition or the big fight. There is also usually a professional athlete, either a racer, a boxer, or a surfer or something along those lines. Some of these films portray the all-American sports heroes, individual athletes, or incredible teams that were faced by tough odds and still went on to perform great.


Of course, films like Ali, The Blind Side, A League Of Their Own, The Karate Kid, Dodgeball, and others are some of the most famous movie portrayals of sports in the films. These are films that won great, and the blindside even won many Oscars. This is the main reason behind these sporting films; to pass on a message and give people a piece of the history behind some of the greatest sporting moments of all time.

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The 5 Best Movie Portrayals Of Sports

A League of Their Own

Of course, we had to start with this movie. If you type in “There is no crying in Baseball,” into a search engine, you shall be directed to many pages that talk about this movie. Tom Hanks delivered that iconic line and it has gone on to redefine baseball for most people. There were lots of other quotes in this movie that people remember to this day, but the storyline was intense, gripping and entertaining. The basic story here was about World War II major leaguers who started a professional baseball league for women. Needless to say that it was incredible.


Remember the Titans

This is a favorite for most people who love Denzel Washington. This movie was released in 2000, and it was about a high school in Virginia that had a football team. It depicts how life was for them in the 70sand the ultimate team chemistry that was horrible as a result of racism. The titans, however, grew very strong as a team and became almost a family. The head coach takes on the training of the team at a camp and shows them that racism needs to stop. The players need to act as a team and they do this successfully.

This movie will give you chills as you watch how the story changes from the beginning to the middle and finally the end. It is perfect for the current generation and enabling teams to work together in order to achieve greatness.


Sean Austin plays Rudy Ruettiger in this movie, He grows up poor in an Irish home and dreams of going to the University of Notre Dame. Rudy, however, doesn’t catch a break and has to keep working hard each day of his life. The only thing Rudy had was his best friend who even dies working in a plant. After being rejected three times, he gets accepted finally to the University he desired and he gets ready to start playing football. He doesn’t play or even suits up for even a single game until the last game in his senior year.


The Sandlot

This is a favorite for most people because you can actually relate to the story. It is a movie about a bunch of kids who love playing baseball. They also love hanging out with each other, and when one of them gets in trouble, the gang has to deal with it. The movie has plenty of other problems such as getting an autographed baseball from Babe Ruth. Hamilton Porter is a favorite character in this movie and he even trademarked the phrase “You are killing me, Smalls!


This is a must-watch movie for sports lovers. Norman Dale who leads the Hoosiers to the state championships beats South Bend during the competitions. Hoosiers has also got everything you need from a great sporting movie such as;

  • A new coach who loves to do things his own way.
  • A pre-game with an inspirational speech.
  • A team that nobody expects can win.
  • A game-winning shot from an unexpected start who is Jimmy Chitwood.
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The Best 5 Movie Portrayals Of Sports Conclusion

We all love watching movies and the beauty of some of these sports movies is that they usually have an incredible message behind the stories. Most of them give voice to issues that people are afraid to talk about. They showcase how a team became great and some even go back in time and showcase how a certain athlete became the great superstar they are today. Watching a movie involving sports isn't just entertainment sometimes it can give us a great life lesson that we can use in our lives.

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