How to Watch Chelsea FC On Smartphone With The 5th Stand App

Some football enthusiasts say you haven't watched football until you watch Chelsea FC in action. Chelsea FC matches attract more than 40,000 fans to the Stamford Bridge. They have also had the sixth-highest attendance in all of football history.

Their fan base is from all over the world. If you look at images online of any Chelsea match, you are bound to see millions of fans crowding around different screens in pubs, restaurants, and homes. On social media, the team has more than 70 million followers. 


During matches, Chelsea fans are always heard singing and chanting things like “carefree,” to show their solidarity and love for the team. All of this enthusiasm doesn't have to just exist in stadiums, now fans can watch Chelsea FC on their smartphones. We've looked into the 5th Stand App which helps you get up close and personal with Chelsea FC and all the details are up next.

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What Is The The 5th Stand App?

Chelsea FC fans have been gobbling up the new 5th Stand App since its launch. So, it made sense for them to come up with an app, specifically designed for their fans. Needless to say that the 5th Stand app has had millions of downloads and fans just can’t get enough of it. They want to be informed of their team’s movements at all times.

When you download the 5th Stand App from your Android or IOS phone, you get unrivaled access to everything about Chelsea FC. You get to watch all of their pre-recorded videos for free, check-in and support your team members together with your fellow fans and also follow every kick of every game.


The most incredible part of this is that you can do this from anywhere in the world, while you are on the go. If you also wish to remember all of the previous matches and goals, you can do so from the app.

What Are The Features Of The App?

Receiving breaking news

Have you been hearing news about your favorite team and wondered why you were the last to know? Well, the app will make sure that doesn't happen again. They keep their newsfeed updates so you get all the details about what's going on with the team and players all day long.


Now this one you shall love, within the app, there is a video library that ranges from all the classic match action to some in-depth interviews. When you open the app, simply go to the watch section and find all of these interesting videos you want to watch. And watch as many as you want while you're on the go.


The Match Center

This is the best feature of the app. The match center is filled with live audio commentary of every game and live updates of the Chelsea matches. This is done for all the games the team plays including the Premier League, the Champions League, the UEFA Europa League.

The Live Audio Commentary

We had to point this one out because fans will love this one. You can now follow every part of the game through this commentary. If you cannot make it to Stamford Bridge to watch the live game, do not worry, the app has got you covered.

The app allows you to set push notifications so you never miss a moment of fun. The live commentary starts five minutes before all games begin, and you can also participate in the voting process, where you choose the man of the match and the best goal.

Connectin With Other Fans

The app not only gives you access to the team, and all things Chelsea, but it also helps you connect with all the local supporters of the game. Find the Chelsea fans in your local area, and connect with them for the next Chelsea game. It is so much fun.

Ask Frank anything

Chelsea’s head coach Frank Lampard is always ready only to answer all questions posed by the Chelsea FC fans. Anything you have ever wanted to know, why that player was traded, why they made specific decisions, you can ask him. Every week Frank makes some time to answer fan questions on the app.

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How to Watch Chelsea FC Conclusion

You can stay informed and connect with Chelsea by downloading their app and even learn more by downloading the UEFA app for extra measure. The 5th Stand app makes it easy for you to feel part of the team. The players are available to give you information about themselves, and perhaps the best part of all is the question and answer portion each week with the team coach.

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