Why Professional Dodgeball Is Not Just A Thing In The Movies

As wild as it sounds, professional dodgeball is a real sport where you can earn real money and real clout. If you watched the movie DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story, it would be normal for you to assume that this is not a real sport. The whole idea of people on opposing teams trying to hit each other with a ball ona professional level can sound pretty absurd.

Themost shocking thing you will hear today is that it is actually a real sport that is governed by a professional body. The National Dodgeball League (NDL) is the professional body that manages all dodgeball activities and the league was formed in 2004. Currently, the league is headed by Edward Prentiss. It comprises of 24 professional teams who are divided into national and American Dodgeball conferences.


This body hosts annual dodgeball world championships (DWC) in Las Vegas, but unlike other sports leagues, the NDL championship usually lasts one day.  This championship usually draws plenty of players from all around the globe who come together to compete in order to determine the best amateur dodgeball team in the whole world.

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How Is Dodgeball Played?

Dodgeball is a team sport. The game is played by players from two teams and they usually play by throwing balls at each other, with the goal of hitting their opponents and at the same time avoiding being hit themselves. The main goal in the match is to eliminate all the team members from the opposing team by hitting them with the balls or catching a ball that has been thrown by an opponent, or even trying to induce the opponent to go off the field.

It is one of the fastest-growing sport in the US and UK because it has plenty of advantages over other sports such as being absolutely accessible and also the fact that it can be played by anyone regardless of age, sex or gender. It is also a fast-paced game that enables most people to keep fit. While playing the game, you can keep your wits when you land hits from the opposing players, which means that everyone ends up having plenty of fun.

What Types of Balls Are Used In Dodgeball?

The game uses a variety of balls all around the world, which also includes an 8.5 rubber gall. In the US, Dodgeball is played using the ball types that have been approved by the NDL. The WDBF, however, specifies that the 6 balls per player in each team should be similar. The number of balls to use also depends on where the game is being played. In Austria, they use 5 balls in a team of 6 players. Amateur games on the other hand usually use around 3-10 balls. This number is however tailored to the number of players on the field and the size of the court they are using.


What Is A Dodgeball Court Like?

Dodgeball is usually played on any type of surface that has got clearly marked boundaries and a centerline in the middle. This could be a volleyball or a basketball field. Elite Dodgeball, however, specifies a court of about 50 feet measuring 15 X 25 cm. and a zone of 10 feet width. However, games can also be played outdoors on a football or soccer field. Most times, the WDBF will organize Dodgeball games on the beach and some USA Dodgeball tournaments can even be held on a trampoline park.

How Long Is A Typical Game?

Informal Dodgeball matches are usually played until all of the players on one side are out. According to the WDBF guidelines, however, a match should last a total of 40 minutes, and these are usually split into 20-minute halves. One set can last until all the players on one side are taken out by the other side.

How Does A Dodgeball Game Start?

In informal Dodgeball games, the balls are usually distributed amongst the players by either evenly distributing to all of them on both teams, or by lining the balls up in the center of the court. When the balls are lined up in the middle, the players usually rush towards the center in order to grab them. This is what is called an opening rush. It is never legal to immediately throw a ball at an opponent while you are all in the center grabbing for them. As per the WDBF rules, a ball must first be returned behind the “attack line,” before playing can begin.

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

What You Need To Know About Dodgeball Conclusion

Yes, it’s shocking to learn that this is actually an international sport that is even governed by a league. You probably even play it during family gatherings and end up having plenty of fun. This sport can be professional if you are very good at it, and you can even end up competing in the championships. So, if you have just been watching dodgeball in movies, you can now know that your dreams of becoming one of them is not a story for fit for only the movies.

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