What Are The Craziest Sports Interviews in History?

We love to watch sports greatness in action, but when these athletes sit down for interviews, it makes for some of the craziest sports interviews in history. We want to know how people who are so great at their game think, so we can utilize their ideas in our lifestyle too. These sit-downs with athletes have resulted in some of the most important interviews in history.

Watching sports matches is always so much fun and makes for some great entertainment, and our favorite athletes participating makes them even more interesting. But we also like to watch them be real as the rest of us. There are practically hundreds of funny, painful, confusing and troubling stories about athletes, from Tiger Woods’ shocking womanizing admission, to when Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg countless times.


Athletes love to talk about who they are dating, or married to, but the most interesting interviews of all are when athletes mess up live on camera. Most of the interviews below involve some immediate post-game press conferences and interviews, and during these interviews, fans get to really know the player's weaknesses best. If you ask anyone who has ever watched sports interviews, they will tell you that the interview is better than the game itself.

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Our List Of The Most Craziest Sports Interviews In History

Jim Everett and Jim Rome

This one is practically one for the history books and our number one pick of the most important sports interviews in history. It happened twenty years ago, and we are still talking about it. The interview was between the controversial interviewer Jim Rome and the former NFL quarterback Jim Everett. A little background to what led up to the blow-up; Jim Everett had an infamous phantom sack when he fell on the filed while anticipating a big hit but hadn’t been contacted by any of the defensive players.

Rome then labeled him “Chris” Everett after Chris Evert who was a female tennis player at the time. Rome proceeded on to call him Chris for the entire interview until Everett got so mad that he threw the interview table to the wall and went after Rome to punch him. It was truly the stuff of legends.


Mike Tyson

This is certainly one of those names that is sure to be on most lists of athletes on the wrong side. Throughout the years, Tyson has given us some incredibly memorable moments on and off camera, and it is really hard to find just one specific interview that would make our list. Let’s just say that almost 60% of his interviews were memorably interesting.

From his countless threats and insults during interviews to his determined desire to eat Lennox Lewis’ children, his career as a boxer was filled with fund moments. His high pitched voice and awkward social graces and not to mention his criminal history. All we have to say is; enough already!

Joe Namath

He was a famous quarterback for the jets and would later admit his troubles with alcohol in 2003. He just had a bit too much to drink during the game and when he was later interviewed, it was clear to everyone that he was seriously drunk. He had trouble putting sentences together and even told the interviewer numerous times that he would like to kiss her.


Later on, he apologized for this incident and realistically it made things even worse. Suzy, who was interviewing him did laugh, but it did not make it any less awkward and unprofessional.

Richard Sherman

As the league’s best cornerback, Richard Sherman takes the next sport for his two interviews after the 2014 Seahawks playoff win against the San Francisco 49ers. During the interview, he expressed his displeasure with Michael Crabtree with Erin Andrews and shouted in her face for almost 20 seconds. After this outburst, he was called for his unsportsmanlike behavior.

Tiger Woods

Well, there is no athlete that shocked the world as much as Tiger Woods. For many years, most people not only considered him to be the most skilled golfer of all time, but also the calmest, coolest and most collected of all athletes.

It was therefore with a great shock when he went in front of the whole world and admitted to having plenty of lovers outside his marriage, and in his infamous press conference, he showed genuine remorse for his previous lifestyle and infidelity. South Park featured this with a brilliant parody of the entire situation.

He admitted in the interview to failing in his marriage as a result of illegal substance abuse, lust, and abandonment of his wife. His incredible tale of booty wrangling involved a whole lot of attractive women of all kinds, from adult film stars to cocktail waitresses.

So, what was important about this interview? His golf game was never mentioned, and in addition, his image was terribly tainted.

The Most Interesting Sports Interviews Of All Time
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The Craziest Sports Interviews Conclusion

Very few athletes have managed to get their careers back after doing some of these shocking interviews. In fact, one of the only ones who was able to get back into the game with the same drive and success would be Tiger Woods. These crazy sports interviews certainly made for great television, but they also helped us realize that great athletes make mistakes like regular folks too.

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