The Best Baseball Players of All Time

Don’t you love the sound of a bat hitting a baseball? Then there is the enjoyment of a neck and neck game where either of the teams has an equal chance of winning. And let's not forget about all the smells and sounds of a baseball game like freshly cut grass and hot dogs.  

America has a long history tied to the sport. And there are many people who remember special games they shared with their parents growing up. Oftentimes the love for baseball is passed down from generation to generation. And that's why there are even leagues for toddlers to play in.


There are some great names synonymous with baseball that even non-baseball fans know about. Up next we're going to go through a list of some of the best baseball players of all time.

The Best Baseball Players of All Time

Best Baseball Players of All Time

Throughout the history of baseball or any game, some players have a deep impact on us. These are the players who have performed against all odds. They have made us proud and printed their names in the hall of fame. Let’s have a look at the top baseball players this world has ever seen. 

Grover Cleveland Alexander - Right Hand Pitcher Master

Alexander is one of the best baseball pitchers the world has ever seen. Coming from an era where pitch count was just another number on the board, Grover trained with world-class managers who believed in his raw strength. 


Being one of the 13 pitchers who has crossed the 5000 career innings mark. Today his ERA is more than 135 which is adjusted to the modern-day rating schedule. Above all, if you were looking to build a winning roster for the game, Alexander would be among the first choices to be considered. 

Stan Musial aka ‘Stan the Man’

There was no strategy that worked to yank Stan in the pitcher’s favor. It was like he always had a wild card in his kitty. Stan’s confidence and his leadership helped the Cardinals to bag 3 world title series (1942, 1944, 1946). 

Throughout his batting career, Stan’s consistency is worth applauding. Throughout his career, Musial played in 505 games and the highest strikeout in a single season is a trivial 46. Stan’s retirement numbers were an amazing .331/.417/.559 and not to mention a total of 475 home runs that is also a defining feat of his career. 


Ty Cobb - A Terrible Beauty

Not considering his snappy attitude, Ty Cobb is a player with the highest lifetime batting average (.366) in the major league. His determination and focused disposition towards the game is still unmatched. 

Three times (or in 3 seasons) Cobb had more than .400 batting average. Along with this, at the moment of his retirement (1928) Cobb’s all-time hits record of 4189 runs was unmatched until the late 20th century. 

Cobb’s racist and bitter character is referenced in several anecdotes. But, the author Ty Cobb: A Terrible Beauty, Charles Leerhsen, did not find any evidence to back the stories of his villainous behavior. 

Hank Aaron - The Power Hitter

Simple, powerful, and a force not to be reckoned with, Hank Aaron’s monumental power-hitting ability portrays him as the greatest hitter ever. Hank’s hitting capability got him the pseud-name, ‘Hammerin Hank’. 

The winner of three golden gloves, Hank has 755 homers to his name in a record of 33 years in which he mastered the game. His name in the list of elite hitters is evident due to this performance throughout the years Hank was in the game. 

A batting average of .305, strikeout percentage of (9.9), and collecting more than 24 homers continuously from 1955 to 73 portrays Hank’s ability to hit the ball across the stands. 

Babe Ruth - The Trailblazer American heartthrob

There is no record that Babe Ruth has not broken in his career. Even though his playing years are way behind us, his slugging percentage of .690 is still unbroken. Every time Babe Ruth entered the field the crowd knew it was going to be a thrilling game. 

At the time of his joining the all-time home run record in a single season was 27. But Babe Ruth’s ruthless batting made a new record of 59 only within 7 years of his joining the game. 

No one could take Babe’s spot as the all-time best baseball player. Not only did he make news with his batting, but Babe was also a pro at pitching. He was one of those players who not only changed the face of the game but also set new trends and milestones for others to follow. 

The Best Baseball Players of All Time


Baseball is not just a game in America, it is an emotion, a feeling, and something to be proud of. If you love something as much as the Americans love baseball, every single aspect of the game is acceptable (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Thanks to this love of the game, there are thousands of kids all over practicing and dreaming of their own time in the limelight. 

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