Discover the Top Players for the KC Royals

One of the things about team sports is that there can be lots of great players. If you look at it from a distace, you realize the importance of every player on the team. But still, others just stand out in the team more than others. 

These are the kinds of players that are worth a good number of the team’s points by the end of the game. When it comes to baseball, the scenario isn’t any different as there are players who stand out. 


For KC Royals, the top players are also the ones that are the most influential in the team. And, their statistics speak for them at the end of the day. In case you were wondering who they are, read along to the end to find out. 

Discover the Top Players for the KC Royals
Image Source: Royals Review

Salvador Perez

The only player who made it to the world series team here is Salvador Perez. That gives him the advantage of any player in the KC Royals roster as one of the top players. He’s the best catcher the team has, and he is expected to be the day to day catcher for this team. 

For this catcher, he has a batting average of around .268. He also has at least 4 home runs for the KC Royals. He has also managed 12 runs battled in for 2020. 


He also has around 92 at-bats for the team this year. Elnino, as his nickname goes is certainly a top player for the KC Royals team. 

Alex Gordon

For Alex Gordon, he is a left fielder who was drafted for the KC Royals in 2005 as a Round 1 pick. He then made his debut for the Royals in 2007 and has managed to put up impressive stats since. 

In 2020, he has managed an average batting of .257. He has also managed, over that time to put up an impressive 190 home runs. 


He then has run battles in of up to 746 this year. In his last 7 games, the left fielder managed at least 4 runs with zero home runs. 

Jorge Soler 

Jorge Soler was born in Havana Cuba in 1992. He made his debut for the KC Royals in August 2014 and the outfielder is a mainstay on the team. Last year was when his true potential was unleashed in the MLB. 

The player has at least 136 at-bats for the KC Royals in 2020. He also has managed to put up at least 8 home runs for the team. That brings his average tally to around .253 for the KC Royals in 2020. 

Brett Phillips

Born in Seminole Florida, he played for Seminole High School where he was drafted to Houston Astros in 2012. In 2017 was when he made his move to the Kansas City Royals and made his debut in June the same year. 

Maverick, as he goes by, has at least 37 at-bats for the team this year alone. He also tops that up with 1 home run. The outfielder has also managed at least 2 runs battled in for KC in 2020. The average stats for the player this season is around .189. 

Maikel Franco

Discover the Top Players for the KC Royals
Image Source: Royals Review

A top third baseman that the KC Royals currently have is Franco who has been rated highly in the MLB. That’s since his debut that was way back in 2014, and he has also managed to play as a first baseman. 

In 2020, the player has managed to rack in at least 173 at-bats for the KC Royals. He has also helped his team to at least 7 home runs and run battled in 30. He verages at least .251 for the Kansas City Royals. 


Baseball is a game that shows how numbers mean everything, and that’s why in most cases, the top players have the best stats. Where the KC Royals are concerned, these are the top players that the team currently prides itself on.

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