Discover These Impressive NBA Records

Every time competitions are held, some records are made while others are broken. However, some records were made and still stand up to date. That’s why the Guinness Book of Records has to be updated every often.  

Some NBA Records are broken for various reasons; different training and preparation tactics, younger and energetic players qualifying for the league, or the game being played at a different pace. Much as records are made to be broken, some have defied this statement. 


They include 30 assists in a single game by Scott Skiles, Chicago Bulls scoring the highest wins in a single season, A.C Green playing the highest number of successive games, among many others. Tighten your seat belt as we look at unbreakable NBA records so far.

Discover These Impressive NBA Records
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30 Assists In A Single Game-Scott Skiles

Much as Scott Skiles ‘coaching legacy might not mean much; he set an NBA record of the most assists in a single game. This record still stands to date. He registered 30 assists in a single game against Denver Nuggets in 1990. 

Skiles made this remarkable record at the Orlando Arena, and the game ended with a 155-116 win. Much as this 155 points win was ordinary, the many assists in this competition made Scott Skiles the man of the game and will continue to be for some time.


Before Skiles made this record, it was held by Kevin Porter for making 29 assists and John Stockton that made 28 assists. In NBA history, we are yet to see a man that beats Skiles's record. But as it is now, he is to hold this NBA record for a long time.  

Highest Wins In A Single Season-Chicago Bulls

If you are an NBA fan, you know Jordan’s Bulls made a record that left many in awe. We know that regardless of how talented a team is, it is difficult to find one that will concede only 10 games in an entire season. 

Chicago Bulls won 72 games in one season, breaking a record in NBA history that will stand for a long time. That’s why NBA fans wonder whether there will be another team like Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls.


Single Game Regular Season Attendance-62,046 (Bulls Vs. Hawks In 1998)

The 1998 game of Chicago Bulls against Hawks saw the biggest single NBA game regular season attendance.   62,046 NBA Fans flocked to Georgia Tech University as the Hawks were planning to move to a new arena.  

The Hawks played at Georgia Tech University and Georgia Dome the entire 1997-98 season. It is believed this huge number of fans came to see Michael Jordan, who was about to retire. 

More like to see his final games. He scored 34 points and the game ended in an 89-74 win against the Hawks.  However, the 2010 All-Star Game made the all-time NBA attendance record of 108,713.

Discover These Impressive NBA Records
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Highest Number Of Successive Games Played

A.C Green played 1,192 consecutive games, a feat that earned him an “iron man” nickname. When you look into the details further, it translates to the fact that Green played straight 14.5 consecutive seasons without missing any game. 

How is this possible? It means in those seasons, Green dedicated his entire being to NBA and nature backed him up-no injuries, no time to rest, or any personal time. All he did was play.

Final Thoughts

Various NBA records were made and still stand to date. There are various reasons why records are broken, and others made. 

For instance, records are made when younger and energetic players qualify for the league, playing in a new and better arena, new training and preparation tactics, etc.

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