The First 5 NBA Picks for the 2020 Draft

2020 NBA draft was made on the 18th November and has made their statement. The best from the amateur college basketball players, other eligible and international players were selected. Much as the event was held via videoconferencing, it was nationally televised on ESPN.

The first candidate was Anthony Edwards that was selected by Minnesota Timberwolves. The second pick was James Wiseman by Golden State Warriors and played for Memphis. 


LaMelo Ball, Patrick Williams, Isaac Okoro, and Onyeka Okongwu were picked for numbers 3, 4, 5, and 6. The event had 60 total selections in 2 rounds. Learn more about the first 5 NBA picks for the 2020 draft below.

The First 5 NBA Picks for the 2020 Draft
Image Source: NBA

Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards was the first overall selection in the 2020 NBA draft and was selected by Minnesota Timberwolves. Before that, Edwards played college football for Georgia Bulldogs. The 6 feet tall and 222 pounds heavy, Edwards plays the shooting guard. 

Edwards grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. He played football much of his young life as a quarterback, running back, and cornerback positions.  By age 10, Edwards, while playing for Atlanta Vikings, was one of the country’s best pop Warner running backs.  


He then switched careers from football to basketball because basketball ‘looked more fun.’ As he kept changing school in high school, so his basketball career grew. In 2019, Edwards won MaxPreps All-American fourth team recognition and USAToday-All USA first team.

James Monteinez Wiseman

Golden State Warriors selected James Monteinez Wiseman as the overall second. Many people that watched the 2020 NBA draft anticipated this outcome, and the Warriors intend to maintain this pick. 

He is the most physically gifted person in the draft with above-average mobility and a huge wingspan. This allows him to slide into the warrior’s rotation and enter optimal situations without much effort.


He has played alongside Golden State’s veterans that helped him maximize his career at a young age as he works at developing his jump shot and generally grow his skill set.  

When Klay Thompson got a serious leg injury, it could have worked in Wiseman’s favor and prompted this 2020 Draft decision. 

LaMelo Ball

LaMelo Ball was selected number three by Charlotte Hornets. He was picked after much behind closed doors and public discussion.  The Hornets also intend to focus on developing and growing his skills until he becomes an All-star-level centerpiece.  

His great size and visionary playmaker skills have made him a much-needed talent for Charlotte’s roster. He only needs to develop his jump shots and become unstoppable in Basketball.

Hornets are looking at finding their missing pieces from Ball. Ball started playing basketball in High school with his brothers.  At Chino High School, Ball won a state championship and was recognized nationally by his brother, Lonzo. 

Ball and his brothers have attracted national attention, forming a reality show, ‘Ball in the Family.’

Patrick Williams

Patrick Williams was overall number four in the 2020 NBA Picks by Chicago Bulls.  This decision fascinated many and was considered a major swing on the upside but a measured one. 

Williams was considered a potential pick from spring and continued as NBA pored over game film and examined the draft in the rest of the year. He was the youngest college player in the draft but came into the limelight as Chicago’s likely choice for a couple of days. 

He has great physical traits, budding skill potential, and versatility; if trained, Williams would become a two-way forward force in the NBA field. This would enable him to score inside and out and switch onto wings and bigs defensively.

The First 5 NBA Picks for the 2020 Draft
Image Source: NBA

Isaac Okoro

The Cleveland Cavaliers selected Isaac Okoro as overall fifth in the 2020 NBA Draft. This selection was a surprise to many in and around the NBA. Many people expected Obi Toppin, which wasn’t the case in the end.  

Given Cavalier’s core, which consists of three-score first guards and little defensive backbone, Okoro could only be the best fit. He only needs to improve his jump shot and get a substantial upside.

Final Thoughts 

The 2020 NBA Draft has been made, and above is their first 5 picks. Much as some people had different expectations, others expected the above results.  

For the disappointed NBA fans, we can only wait for next year since the NBA draft is an annual event.

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