Why Tony Hawk Was Famous Around the World

Tony Hawk is, without a doubt, the most famous professional skater in the world. However, many people wonder just how he rose to fame - was it timing, or was it simply because he is that talented? 

That is what we are going to discuss. We will be giving you some of this legendary skater’s backstory, looking at some interesting facts about his life, and discussing exactly how he made his claim to fame. 


If you are a fan of Tony Hawk, then you have most certainly come to the right place. Read on to learn more about this absolute legend. 

Why Tony Hawk Was Famous Around the World
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Who Is Tony Hawk?

Tony Hawk was just nine years old when his brother gave him a fiberglass skateboard. It was blue and scratched from years of use. 

The first time that Hawk stepped on it and rolled down the alley behind his family’s house in San Diego, he didn’t have a revelation. There was no foreshadowing that he was going to live to be the most famous skateboarder the world had ever seen. 


Of course, Tony eventually learned to do more than just roll down a hill. He practiced at the Oasis Skatepark, which is now defunct.

Soon, he was practicing maneuvers that were far beyond the skill level that someone his age should have been able to accomplish. By 16, the world at large regarded him as the best competitive skateboarder out there. 

That’s quite an achievement. As a senior in high school, Tony’s annual earnings were far more than that of his teachers. This mostly came from the royalties he was earning from his main sponsor, Powell Peralta Skateboards


Awards & Achievements

Tony has received several awards, including the Favorite Male Athlete Award from Make-A-Wish, the Teen Choice Awards’ Choice Male Athlete, and the Favorite Male Athlete Award from Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards

From online media to skateboards to video games to world tours, Hawk has dominated the action sports industry with his relaxed style.

He is the world’s most recognized Action Sports figure, and according to a few marketing surveys, one of the most recognizable athletes in America. Tony makes regular appearances in films and on television, and his autobiography, HAWK - Occupation: Skateboarder, is currently available in paperback. 

The skateboarder is a role model for fans of all ages. The Tony Hawk Foundation has donated more than $10 million to 620 skatepark projects throughout the country and helps finance public parks in low-income areas in every state. 

This provides everyone with a place to skate that is safe and also to build the confidence levels of young people from all over the U.S.

Rise To Fame

While Hawk was a successful street skater, he had a reputation for being a vertical skater. In the 80s and 90s, he continually dominated competitions, going on to win more than 70 titles and to be named the top vertical skater each year from 1984 to 1996. 

He has also invented several moves, including the frontside 540-rodeo flip, the ollie-to-indy, the gymnast plant, and the Saran wrap. In one of the defining moments of skateboarding history, Tony executed 2½ turns at the X games in 1999 - something that had never been done before. 

Hawk started Birdhouse in the early 90s, which was a manufacturer of skateboards and accessories. He also started Blitz, which distributed skateboarding products. The companies were quite successful, and soon after, he involved himself in various other business ventures. 

In 1998, he created a children’s skate clothing line with his family, called Hawk Clothing, and he also struck a deal with Activision that same year to develop a skateboarding video game. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater made its debut in 1999, and it made more than $1 billion in sales. 

This made it one of the most successful video games of all time. It’s no wonder that Tony Hawk became such a famous skater. 

Why Tony Hawk Was Famous Around the World
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There you have it folks - some of the reasons why Tony Hawk became so famous around the world. Looking back at his career, it’s easy to see why everyone adored the professional skater so much. He has been an inspiration to young skaters around the world and will continue to do so for a long time. 

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