These Are the Best Sites for MLB Streaming

Every sports fan wants to catch the action as it unfolds. Even during this pandemic times when people cannot go to the stadia to watch games, there is no need to worry because there are a number of live streaming sites for sports. Whether you are a football or baseball fan, there are live streaming sites for every sport.

MLB - Major League Baseball is one of the most popular sports in Canada and USA and therefore has a huge fan base in these countries.  However, baseball is not popular in outside North America. 


There are a number of baseball live streaming sites that we have compiled for you to catch your baseball as it happens. You can watch either on your mobile or desktop browser. Keep reading.

These Are the Best Sites for MLB Streaming
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Sportsnet is a Canadian sports live streaming service that offers legal MLB sport. If you are a resident in Canada and are an American Baseball fan, then you want to try Sportsnet for your live streaming needs. 

You will get access to Chromecast support and HD streaming to enjoy baseball on a big screen. However, it will cost you between $9.99 to $27.99 based on the period and your other requirements.


Sportsnet offers you 24/7 access to live stream your baseball game and different plans depending on your needs. The Plans are Annual pass which costs $20.83 annually, Monthly pass costing $27.99 monthly and 7-Day pass $9.99 for one-time billing. 

Sportsnet offers you over 300NHL games, other sports like WWE, CHL, NHL, NBA and others. 

YouTube TV

YouTube TV (YT TV) is an over-the-top content streaming service available in the United States.  It entails Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, The CW, Food network, CNN, Fox News and other networks. 


YT TV offers Cloud DVR with unlimited DVR storage, 6 accounts for your household and it's easy and hassle free. This TV subscription site gives you access to 85+ channels.

When you are resident in the US, you’ll enter in your zip code at the official YouTube TV site and see the lineup in your area. Subscription fee is $64.99 monthly which doesn’t require any contracts and has no hidden fees. 

Watch other interesting programs like TV series, documentaries, lifestyle and others on phone or Apple TV without a cable box.


This is a standalone sports streaming app that offers major sports programs. It has broadcasting rights for a number of other programs and holds MLB broadcasting rights in most of the non-US markets globally. 

Depending on your location, you have to check with your local site to know your subscription price. ESPN has a good interface and works at normal internet speeds.  

It is one of the legal ways to stream live MLB and other sports and has a number of plans (passes) like Annual and Monthly passes that cost $ 99.99 and $13.99 respectively. Watch anywhere, anytime and cancel subscription at your discretion.

These Are the Best Sites for MLB Streaming
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Hulu transitioned to Live TV in 2017 and works as a mix of Netflix and Sling TV offering both Live TV and TV shows to its users. It offers you access to live sports on FSI, NBCSN, ESPN and regional sports. 

However, the presentation and content of the app depend on the cost. For instance, a low price subscription offers you content with ads while a high package gives you Live TV without ads. The starting price for Hulu starts at $5.99.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a decent live streaming app that offers the ease of customization, various channels and fair pricing which all make it a favorable Live TV service. 

It offers various packages that offer a mix of different channels. For instance, Orange package costs $20 monthly and offers 31 channels including news, basic sports and entertainment channels. Blue package costs $25 monthly offers 45 channels including ESPN2, ESPN, and Fox Sports 1&2 and others.

Bottom Line

Given a huge fan base in the world, there are a number of live streaming apps to show MLB as it unfolds. Don’t wait to watch replays, news or just be told by the people that watched the game as it unfolded. 

Yet, at a small fee monthly or annually you can watch MLB and other sports games as they happen.

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