The World Series 2019 - What to Expect

We’re coming to the very end of the MLB season, so we take a look ahead to who might make it all the way to the World Series in a few months of time. With plenty of consistent performers and new talent, as well as old heroes, the playoffs could be outstanding.

This baseball season has already shaped up to be an absolute classic, but the battle lines for the playoffs didn’t go exactly as expected. So, who can you see in this year’s match-up, and how might it all go down?


We break down the contenders, the highlights, and the possible outcome of the World Series.

World Series
The Dodgers celebrate. Photo: Yahoo.

The Big Teams

Perennial contenders, young guns, and those hungry to prove a point: these teams are out to show they mean business in the playoffs, which start in just a few weeks. 

In no particular order, the big contenders will be as follows.

  • Atlanta Braves - The Braves have what it takes for a surprising World Series run, from an incredible leadoff hitter in Acuna Jr. to a competent back office who have been building for the future. Can the Braves reprise their dominance of the 90s and early 2000s?
  • Los Angeles Dodgers - After losing the World Series in 2018 to a now-tanking Red Sox team that was loaded with talent, the Dodgers have again set themselves up as one of the favorites. They’ve clinched home-field advantage through the playoffs, and they’re looking to overturn last year’s result.
  • Minnesota Twins - An outside chance in the American League, the Twins face stiff competition from the Yankees and Astros. But, they will look to rally around their hitter Max Kepler as they go for big upset wins.
  • New York Yankees - The Yankees will have looked on with satisfaction as their rival Red Sox imploded this year, but that alone won’t be enough for a World Series win. The New York powerhouse, immortalized through their recognizable merchandise, will be looking to add to their historic tally of wins.
  • Houston Astros - The Astros have enjoyed a strong season and enter the playoffs with plenty of confidence. Justin Verlander and co. will have their work cut out in order to bring home a World Series, but they’ve set themselves up well for it. 
  • St. Louis Cardinals - The Cards have one of the lowest records in the playoffs, but they’ve clinched a spot and will be looking to play some big games in their first series match-up. They’ll want to add to their 2 World Series wins this millennium.


It’s always so difficult to guess about the outcome of a series where so much can change might shape up. There’s plenty of baseball to come before the Champions are crowned.

But, if we’re staking our claim, here’s our prediction for the finale in October. 

Yankees vs Dodgers

This will be the primetime showdown between two of America’s most famous and popular teams that everyone has been hoping for. The Yankees come out on top in the American League, while the Dodgers win the National League again. 


Final Score: Dodgers win 4-3

After the frustration of last year’s loss, the Dodgers get revenge (albeit not on the Red Sox), with a thrilling series victory over the Yankees that goes to the final game.

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