How To Watch Manchester United On Your Smartphone

True football fans need their fave team close at all times, if you're a Manchester United buff you can watch them on your smartphone all day long. Manchester United has a TV channel that broadcasts all of its live matches, and they also have a website and an app that you can access from your smartphone. These can easily be connected to your TV as well if you wish to do so.

The Manchester app is a great tool to have especially on match days. It ensures that you do not miss a thing from the stadium. Not only does it provide you with information on all the game stats, but it also ensures that you are up to date on all team news.


Downloading the app is very easy, and all you have to do is go to the app store on smartphone and download the Manchester United App. We've taken a closer look at what this app actually has to offer fans. Next, we're going to bring you the low down about what you get if download this app for your smartphone.

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What Are The Features Of The Manchester United App For Smartphone?

Live Interaction

The app allows you to interact with it as a match is going on. When you tap on the pitch icon, you shall get to see the line-up of the ongoing match, which includes all the formations for the game. When the game kicks off, you can tap on a player and view their stats then compare these with an opponent or a teammate.

The other details you can find on the spot include updates in real-time of the action unfolding on the pitch and all the other stats such as the dominating play. There are also lightning fast notifications that shall keep you in the know of the player signings, injury updates, transfers, manager press conferences, team announcements, etc.


You will always get the inside scoop on all the exclusive player news that can sometimes offer some extremely fascinating reads as you go behind-the-scenes and have a look at what the players have been up to.

Get The Latest News

If keeping up with all the latest team news and events is difficult, the app can help.then worry no more. They keep you updated on any goals or incidents that involve any Manchester United match. They also keep an eye on the stats of other teams for you when they are competing on other leagues such as the Carrabo Cup, the Premier League, the UEFA Europa League or the FA cup

Get Involved With Other Machester United Fans

While on the app, you can cast your vote and nominate the goal of the month, the man of the match, or even the player of the month. This app truly keeps you on point on all things Manchester United. Additionally, you can participate in other heated discussions with fans about the best midfielder, favorite forward or even their defensive combinations.


How To Watch Manchester United On Your Smartphone

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Get Quizzy And Win Prizes

If you are a die-hard Manchester United fan, then let the world know. Test your knowledge of the team’s past and present achievements by participating in the regular quizzes that are posted each week. This is a perfect way to compete for all the amazing prizes that are usually on offer to the winners of the quiz.

This section of the app also includes some exclusive emoji and stickers of players featuring first-time player profiles that you may be wondering about. This includes information about David De Gea, Harry Maguire, Victor Lindelof, Anthony Martial, Aaron Wan Bissaka, and Dan James. In order to access all of this, all you need to do is register on the app.

How To Register For The Manchester United App On Your Smartphone

After downloading the app, you shall be required to sign up by creating an account or your My United Profile. This is the personalized page that you shall be used whenever you log into the app or when you access the website If you are logged into the site already, then you can use the same login details in order to access your profile.

How To Watch Manchester United On Your Smartphone Conclusion

Manchester United is one of the most popular teams in England and has got plenty of fans. If you are a fan, you sure never want to miss a match. By downloading the app if you ever miss a match you can find out everything you missed out on by scrolling through your smartphone.

The app is free, so you can stay in the Manchester United loop without spending a dime. And you'll always be the first one to know about everything, and the value of that is priceless. So if you are a hardcore Manchester fan, then welcome to a whole new Manchester United world on your smartphone.

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