The 5 Most Successful College Football Teams of All Time

Intesnsity, focus and super hard work are what make the most successful college teams of all time, When you watch them it may seem all fun and games and you think you can do it too, but requires more work than w can imagine. American college football is played by student-athletes in both military academies and colleges in the country.

There are some teams who have established themselves as being the best in the sport, and these tend to have the best players, and the most NFL pro players as well. It is actually the second tier in American Football in the US, and it is one step ahead of the high school competitions, and just one step below professional NFL. Most people get drafted into the NFL from college, and by the way, there are some areas where college football is actually more popular than professional football.


A player’s performance in college will directly influence their chances of playing professionally. The best collegiate players usually get to play for the best teams after they leave college. It is therefore extremely important to look at the best teams in the world in terms of college football teams. If you watch the best in college, you will see one of your best playing on the professional field.

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Who Are The Best College Footall Teams Of All Time Breakdwon

Our editors have evaluated all college basketball team and come up with some results. These teams have outscored all the others. Let's get into the stats so you can outschool others when you're talking about this game.


Revenue for the last decade - $89.9 million.
Conference championships – 6
Playoff appearances or BSC titles: 0
National championships: 5
Number of Players who have qualified to join the NFL: 57


The history of the Alabama Crimson Tide football is one of abnormal strength and longevity. From the days of Wallace Wade to those of Nick Saban, this team has won the national championship five times and they have seven SEC titles as well. Alabama State has the highest number of players who have been drafted to join the NFL, which is no mean feat.

Notre Dame

10 Years Earnings: $80.7 million
6 bowl New Year Appearances: 1
Playoff appearances or BSC titles: 2
Number of Players who have qualified to join the NFL: 32

In the last ten years, this college has always been in the top 5 best schools in football. In fact, if you took a snapshot of this school. From 1919 to 1994, it would be easy for you to rank it as number one, according to the number of milestones they have managed to achieve. Knute Rockne is the reason behind all of this, as he made them into a regional sporting team. The coaches also worked very hard to maintain the school’s dominance.


Ohio State

10 years revenue: $74.9 million
New Year's 6 bowl appearances: 3
Conference championships: 4
Playoff appearances or BSC titles: 2
National championships: 1
Number of Players who have qualified to join the NFL: 50

Most people consider this school to be second only to Alabama State. Their fans are demanding, and this is because they have grown accustomed to their excellent performance. Since 1969, this school has maintained a consistently great performance.


Team Revenue in the Last decade - $73.1 Million
6 bowl New Year appearances – 1
Championships – Conference: 1
Playoff or BCS appearances – 3
Championships – National: 0
Number of Players who have qualified to join the NFL: 29

Over the last decade. Oklahoma and Boise State have won the record of being the only schools to win more than 100 games in the championships. Oklahoma has won 105, while Boise State has won 109. There has rarely been a time when they were off the top since the takeover by Bud Wilkinson in 1947. From him, it was then on to Barry Switzer and then Bob Stoops.

They all had tremendous success, and now the current coach, who is Lincoln Riley from Muleshoe, Texas has brought forth the talent of all the players. This university ranks at number 28 in population and has maintained an excellent status among the sport's elite for almost three-quarters of the century.


Ten Year Earnings for the school: $55.0 million
Appearances in the New-year bowl: 1
Conference championships: 2
Playoff appearances: 1
National championships: 0
Number of Players who have qualified to join the NFL: 18

This school has had some of the biggest championships wins over the last decade. In the 1920s, the first-ever western power dominated the sport, and this is what is currently known as the Big Ten. They won seven out of the nine national championships they competed from the years 1901 until 1933.

However, the Wolverines did not really fare well in the mid 50 years of football in college but the new arrival Bo Schembechler in the arbor during the 1969 centennial season reestablished them as some of the most hardworking and marquee programs in the country. Now, if they can only figure out how to beat their rivals in Michigan, then they shall continue to climb back up to the top of the ranks.

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The most successful college football teams refer to teams that have an all-rounded success, from the field to earnings, to the number of players they have in the NFL and the number of championships they have won so far. The more they win, the more they rise up in the ranks, and this means that they have good players who can then go on to play Pro Football in the NFL.

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