The Biggest Names In Horse Racing Right Now

Most people associate horse racing with gambling, but there is much more to the game. Have you ever thought about the people behind the horses? They are called jockeys. This is a very big sport, that is worth millions of dollars.

The sport is not only about the ability and power of the horse; the ability of the jockey is a huge factor as well. A good rider should be intelligent and have the right skills and experience. In addition, they will need plenty of physical strength in order to do a good job and be considered as one of the best.


A tough and experienced jockey can certainly lead a horse to victory using the shortest trip around the track. In this review, we look at the biggest names in horse racing right now. These are the jockeys who are considered to be the best in the world.

John R. Velazquez

John Velazquez is one of the most formidable names in horse racing right now. He has amassed a wealth of more than $285 million from horse racing alone. He won the Kentucky Derby in 2011 aboard the Animal Kingdom, and he also won the Belmont Stakes twice. In addition to this, he won second-place during the Belmont and Preakness races.


He is at the top of the racing world and one of the biggest names in horse racing right now. He has won 75 races and made more than $5.5 million in the previous year.

Javier Castellano

Javier Castellano is well known and most people believe that he was meant to ride horses all his life. He started at just five years old, which is the time he got on his first-ever horse. As the saying goes, the rest is history.

He has become one of the most sought after jockeys of all time and he won the Preakness stakes in 2006 with Bernardini. He also came in second in the Belmont Stakes in 2011 with Stay Thirsty. He has two triumphs to his name from the Breeders’ Cup.


Javier Castellano has been riding since 1997 and was a star from 1998. He has managed to win more than 3,000 races and is worth slightly more than $169 million from his career as a jockey.

Joel Rosario

Joel Rosario has been riding professionally since the year 2003, and he became world-famous in 2007. Since then he has gone on to be one of the most impressive riders in the industry. He won the Breeders’ Cup victories in both 2009 and 2010 respectively. He also finished in third place in the 2011 Belmont Stakes and the 2012 Preakness stakes as well. He is definitely one of the biggest names in Horse Racing right now.

Rafael Bejarano

Bejarano started professional horse racing in 2002 and has become one of the biggest names in horse racing, due to the stats he has managed to accumulate. He is a two-time winner of the Breeders’ Cup. He also had a back to back season where he came in third place during the Belmont stakes both in 2005 and 2006.

So far, he has won almost 3,000 races in his career and is estimated to be worth almost $140 million. As of 2013, he had won more than 72 races, and that year alone, he made almost $3.8 million in earnings from horse racing.

Rosie Napravnik

She is one of the toughest and also one of the biggest names in horse racing right now. Being a woman means that she has had to overcome so much in order to reach the top 10, but she is tough and understands what it takes to be the best. She won the 2012 Breeder’s cup juvenile edition in 2012. So far she has had 1,521 victories and accumulated a net worth of more than $48 million from horse racing.

Jose Ortiz

Jose Ortiz is rapidly becoming one of the biggest names in horse racing right now. In his second year as a professional jockey, he came up with an aggressive style that allowed him to get the most out of his horses on a consistent basis.

He has had 176 victories during his career and has earned more than $6.3 million from horse racing. He has 56% wins in all of his races and is considered as one of the best. The world is watching to see what he will accomplish in the coming year.


If you love horse racing, then you will agree with us that the above-named jockeys are the biggest names in horse racing right now. They are quick, skilled, and intelligent. You will have a much better time watching the race when you know a name or two. For more lists of the biggest sports names out there, click here.

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