7 Crazy MMA Moments In History

MMA stands for mixed martial arts. This is a combat full-contact sport that allows grappling and striking, both while standing and on the ground. It uses techniques from a variety of combat and martial art fights. It was first documented as using the term mixed martial arts in 1993. The term gained lots of popularity and there is plenty of debate as to who actually coined the term.

Now, we live in a peculiar world, where anything can happen. Events occur when we least expect them to, and this catches us by complete surprise due to how unusual some of these events turn out to be. In MMA, there have been plenty of these unusual moments.


In this review, we look at the seven craziest MMA moments in history. These are moments we will probably remember for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, due to the internet, they are moments that will live on forever for the fighters. Some are embarrassing, while others are amazing. Let's take a look!


Tim Sylvia Pooping His Pants Mid-Fight

This will certainly go down as one of the most awkward moments in MMA history. If you check on YouTube, you can see it happen. Tim Sylvia will probably never forget this extremely awkward moment. He actually went on to admit that it did in fact happen, that he pooped his pants because he had some bad food prior to the game.


Anderson Silva Running Away

When the UFC 112 games were held in Abu Dhabi for an intense night of legendary action, few people could have predicted how weird Anderson's behavior would have been. He took on the Jiu-jitsu king, Demian Maia, and this was a fight he really wanted to keep standing because, in this way, the champion holds plenty of superiority.

For the first three rounds, he did great, pummeling Maia - who was hesitating to engage in exchanges. Then, things got weird. With only 10 minutes left on the game, Silva decided that he was done with the fight and started to avoid all contact with his opponent until the scores were read. The referee actually ended up calling for a break in the fifth round to warn him. The UFC president was completely appalled by his behavior and refused to give him the belt after the fight.

Gilbert Yvel Knocking Out A Referee

Yvel is actually one of just a few fighters in MMA history to receive multiple disqualifying losses during his career. He is one of the only fighters to have three of them. During a fight with Atte Backman in 2004, the fighters were being separated as they were nearly falling over the top rope during the clinch position when the referee called a halt to the game in the hopes of repositioning them.


At this point, Yvel shrugged off the ref repeatedly. After multiple attempts by the referee to separate them, he suddenly punched him in the head and then kicked him while he was still down. This was, and still remains, one of the craziest moments in history.

Dennis Hallman Wearing Man Panties

Dennis Hallman will probably tell you that he was forced to wear his awful man-panties during the UFC 133 fight because he lost a bet. But if you watched the match, you can clearly conclude that nobody won that bet as we all got to see much more of the fighter than we wanted to.

His testicles were exposed briefly during the fight, and since then Dana White put a ban on any apparel that is outside of the required clothing. This was certainly a crazy moment.

Rousimar Palhares Celebrated False Win

Fans were eager to see Rousimar Palhares win the match against Dan Miller, but perhaps the most eager of all was Rousimar Palhares. Palhares forgot to win the match but celebrated winning it nevertheless. After he landed a vicious head kick to his opponent, he swarmed the punches on him before the referee pulled him away.

Palhares at this point thought he had done enough and did not wait for the game to be pronounced. He started posing with the crowd, while others kept telling him to get down and finish the fight. 

Heath Herring Getting Kissed Pre-Fight

Before the match even began, Heath Herring is seen receiving a kiss from his opponent. What happened next will go down in history as the craziest moment in MMA; he knocked him down immediately, and started shouting “I’m not gay,” “I’m not gay!”

Gray Maynard Injuring Himself

In the finale of the 5th match of The Ultimate Fighter, Rob Emerson and Gray Maynard met in a collision that had very promising prospects. Only one of them could win the fight, but unfortunately, no one did. Gray started off by hurting Emerson with a body shot, and it was clear that he saw himself winning the fight.

However, at the start of the second round, Maynard scored with a power double takedown that was too much for him. He grimaced in pain, then tapped out due to an injured rib.


If you are a huge MMA fan, then you have to agree that the above seven moments are some of the craziest in the history of the sport. There have been many, but we chose these moments as they were the most memorable, and perhaps the most embarrassing for some of these fighters.

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