Check Out The Top Korean Baseball Teams

The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) is ranked below the MLB, Japanese NPB, and the MiLB, yet, it ranks above the AA, Low A, and Taiwan's CPBL. KBO consists of ten teams without any divisions. Each team plays 16 matches, and the regular-season consists of 144 games.

The 4th and the 5th teams on the table play against each other in a Wild Card match, and the team that emerges triumphant advances to face the third-placed team in the playoffs. This kind of arrangement is referred to as the best-five series. Ultimately, the winner of the semi-final meets with the champion for that season in the Korean series. 


Still, in any significant competition or league, there are usually those teams that have had tremendous success and stamped their authority over the others. With the US's MLB closed due to Covid-19, you may probably check out these Korean baseball teams to pick your favorite!

Check Out The Top Korean Baseball Teams
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Doosan Bears

Doosan Bears is the organization’s first team to be created, having been established since 1982. It holds the record as the first recognized champion of the baseball league. They are currently the reigning champions and a well-seasoned team in KBO.

The Bears have made it to the Korean championship in six out of the past seven seasons and have won three titles during that period. Overall, this team has won six titles! 


The formidable players within this squad include Lee Young-Ha, a rising 22-year old ace, and Jae-hwan Kim, an outfielder who is focusing on being recruited to the MLB later this year probably with a dream of also being among the greats

Kia Tigers

The Tigers team was also established in 1982, and not only do they achieve massive gas mileage with minimal MSRP listing, but are also the most successful club in the history of Korean baseball

That is to say, the team has won a league-high of eleven titles, and remain undefeated in the Korean Series having eleven straight wins!


However, they have been rusty in the past decade, with their solo title coming in 2017. As such, they would be another version of the Yankees per se. Perhaps, we will leave it to their fans to decide whether to keep bragging about the titles this team won while they were not yet born!

This team has star players, with the one to watch being Hyu-jong Yang, a standout performer for several years. The 32-year old left-handed pitcher is arguably the league’s top performer last season as R.J. Anderson put it.

Lotte Giants

Also created in 1982, the Giants represent KBO's primary teams and are arguably the bunch's losers. They are the most popular team in the league regardless of their poor record of winning only two titles since their inception. They finished bottom last season having recorded 48-93-3. Despite this, the team has its positives. 

If you are that individual who prefers considering fashion in sports, the Lotte Giants have the top uniforms in the baseball league. Accordingly, their wordmark resembles that of the San Francisco Giants of the 1980s.

You can view their new uniform here. They tend to have an enormous following and their fans bode superbly, though they won’t have much impact this year due to the current pandemic. Note that they have an adorable seagull mascot, something they can count on.

Of the players to watch in this team, check out Jeon Jun-Woo, who is one of the most prolific bat-flippers and leadoff-hitters in the KBO as things stand. 

Check Out The Top Korean Baseball Teams
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Samsung Lions

Also formed in 1982, the Samsung Lions have had 27 postseason appearances, the most of any other side in the league. Also, they hold the record for the second-highest titleholders in KBO, having eight titles in their cabinet.

Most interestingly, they went on to triumph dominantly between 2011-2014, winning four championships on the run. Still, they bookended that spectacular run with double runner-up finishes!

However, the Lions have failed to qualify for the playoffs since 2015, while finishing in the 8th position in 2019. 


Now you have a list of KBO teams that you would be interested in while the MLB is closed. Summer is here and you do not want to miss any baseball action. Korean baseball is here to motivate you and keep you awake even during the wee hours!

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