Discover the Great Ocean Road Marathon

What do you think of when you hear the work marathon? Images of long stretches of roads filled with sweaty, dehydrated people immediately jump to our consciousness.

It’s the middle of the afternoon, it’s hot, and you subconsciously feel exhausted just at the mention of this activity. Well, the Great Ocean Road Marathon debunks all of these prejudices. Widely considered as one of the most scenic marathons in the world, this event takes place in Lorne, Australia.


The most interesting part about every marathon is of course its location and geography, and the Great Ocean Road certainly boasts some spectacular scenery. To find out more about this incredible long-distance race, be sure to read on.

Discover the Great Ocean Road Marathon


The entire running distance of the marathon stretches across the Australian coast in Lorne, with varying elevation and magnificent scenery. 

Along with the cool sea breeze, you can hear the waves crashing across the rocks, which diminishes the need for any running music.


Changes This Year

Like many public gatherings and events that people are used to taking part in each year, this event has been affected by recent world events.

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, the 2020 Great Ocean Road Marathon festival has sadly been canceled.

In order to keep up with the tradition, a virtual event has been organized instead. From August 21st to August 23rd, you can sign up for and participate in the race from your own location.


This is a great way to still be able to take part in the exciting event remotely and near only the people you are already in isolation with.


The marathon is part of a wider festival which has several events lined up every year. Broadly speaking, there are 7 events that can be competed.

The Ultra Marathon, spanning a distance of 60 kilometers, has to be completed in less than 6.5 hours. This is a daunting task and needs a ton of physical and mental preparation before participants can successfully participate in it.

The Marathon, spanning a distance of 44 kilometers, is the main event.

The Half Marathon, spanning a distance of 23 kilometers, is for people who do not want to participate in the Marathon or the Ultra Marathon.

Other Events

These events can still be exhausting and impossible to complete for the average person with no training.

For most people, there are other events in the festival to encourage more participation.

Apart from the three main events mentioned above, there is also the 14 km Paradise Run, the 6 km run, the 1.5 km Kids Gallop, and the Great Ocean Road walk that is available in options of 5 km and 10 km.

The entry fees for these events range from $20 for the walk to $145 for the Ultra Marathon.


While running these marathons is obviously a great way to test your physical fitness, social awareness about health-related issues is a big part of this event.

With major sporting companies being the corporate sponsors for this event, the Great Ocean Road marathon wants to take care of yourself throughout the year.

Being able to run a marathon requires a major level of fitness, but the point here is not that everyone should be able to finish a 60 kilometer run in 6.5 miles.

Discover the Great Ocean Road Marathon

Bottom Line

Australia has always been an open, beautiful country, with scenic beaches and gorgeous drives. The people who live there know how to separate work and fun, and are known to participate in various activities to stay fit and healthy.

The Great Ocean Road Marathon aligns with these beliefs and is one of the biggest events in Australia. The 2019 Marathon had a whopping 8200 runners. Check it out!

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