The Sweetest Race - Check Out the Hot Chocolate 5k

If you're into running, but haven't run a marathon yet, a great one to try out for the first time is a 5k race. One of the 5k races that has been gaining attention over the years IS THE Hot Chocolate 5k, which is also known as the sweetest race. 

This 5K has a number of events that take place, before, during and after the main race. You definitely want to check out these events because they make the whole race a lot of fun and that's where you get to experience a little bit of the sweetness that comes with it all. 


To learn more about this race, including its history, like when it started and what it is all about, you should read below. You'll also get to find out when the race happens, where exactly it happens and more importantly, how you can sign up for the Hot Chocolate 5k. 

The Sweetest Race - Check Out the Hot Chocolate 5k
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Hot Chocolate 5K Race

You probably can't wait to get started on the race after such a ravishing and glowing intro. What you didn't know is that this race is more of a charity race than it is about anything else. Plus, you can either walk or run the race, it's all about how you wish to take part in the race. 

The race is about making the wishes of children with critical illnesses a reality. Make-A-Wish® is the charity that receives the funds from the race. This organization makes wishes come true for children that are fighting critical illnesses. 


Back to the race, there are a number of things that happen in this race that have brought about the name, the "sweetest race."


As the name suggests, this is majorly a chocolate event and you'll have your hands full of chocolate while you take part in the race.


For finishers of the race, there's a chocolate bar with gold wrapping as your medal. It also has a City-specific magnetic coin.


Goodie Bags

The goodie bag is one of the big deals when it comes to this race, so much so that it prompted a vote this year. Now, in the goodie bag, you'll find a jacket and the design of the jacket is what brought about the vote that over 85000 participants took part in. 

It's Serious

You may look at all the above features and be mistaken that this race isn't all that serious, but it is. The race has timing chips on sanctioned courses, you're also likely to meet wave starts for large events among other things that take place in a normal race.

The bottom line is that despite the carnival all around, don't be mistaken, it's as real a race like any other. 

Training Plan

Since the race is a universal race, no one should be left behind. You will be provided with a training plan that is geared to help you get into shape so that you can comfortably take part in the race. 

When and Where It Takes Place

The hot chocolate race is an all states race, so you only need to find a city in your state in which the race takes place. There's also an option, thanks to technology, for virtual racing. 

The Sweetest Race - Check Out the Hot Chocolate 5k
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How You Can Sign Up For The Race

To sign up for the race, you need to first of all locate where the race will take place in your state. You can visit the Chocolate Race website and locate your city and register for the race today. To register for the virtual race, you can use this link.


If you love to race, there's no need to just do it for fun alone. You can also do it to help a child live out their wish and with the Hot Chocolate 5k, you can do exactly that. You have a chance to improve your running skills while improving the lives of others. 

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