Best Training Tips from LeBron James

LeBron James: this Los Angeles Lakers legend has done it all on the basketball court. Few have been able to replicate his achievements, which goes to show how high of a level LeBron operates on. Although he is a veteran of 16 seasons, LeBron only gets better with age.

With four MVP awards and three NBA championships under his belt, LeBron is hungry for more. If you happen to be a hardcore basketball fan, you might have noticed the subtle adjustments that LeBron makes to his game every season. Those adjustments are what make him better from the rest of the players. He also has a knack of making adjustments on the fly - something that comes in handy for getting out of tough situations.


During an appearance at a radio show, LeBron was asked how he manages to stay in shape and form every season. You might want to read all of this, as the advice he gave out will prove extremely handy for your life, whether you are a basketball player or not.

LeBron James
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1.     Rest

You might be surprised to see the word "rest" topping a training tips list. Well, according to LeBron James, it is a big factor behind his success. He claims to rest for almost 10 hours every day. It makes his brain and body fresher and allows him to be highly productive throughout the day.

On days when he is unable to get sufficient rest, he sneaks in a nap or two for a couple of hours during the day. When you think of it, there is nothing that he says that does not make sense. Maybe we should all prioritize one hour of rest. Our attention and work efficiency will improve that way.


2.     Setting a Workout Routine

All high-level athletes, whether they play basketball or not, have specific workout routines. LeBron has one, too. However, it is not just the routine but also the consistency that matters the most.

You could have the best workout routine in the world at your disposal, but it'll be fruitless if you do not follow it. Consistency is key; it works wonders for LeBron; it'll work for you, too.

3.     Diet

A good diet is necessary to succeed in any walk of life. Sure, some people get away with it, but they end up paying the price later on in life. LeBron values his diet more than anything else.


He likes to eat clean but mixes things up to keep things fresh. Lean meats full of proteins and vegetables full of essential vitamins are LeBron James’ go-to meals every day. They are sufficient for providing him fuel to play without tiring out too soon.

4.     Mental Conditioning

They do not come as mentally tough as LeBron James these days. Despite his success, LeBron has had his share of setbacks during his career. Losses, injuries, among many other things could have held him back from achieving greatness, but he stayed mentally strong. LeBron James credits meditation, deep breathing, and the philosophy of owning up to his mistakes behind his excellent mindset.

5.     Hunger to Win

Becoming a basketball player and winning championships was a childhood dream of LeBron James. He envisioned it during his childhood, and it came true eventually. Despite achieving all of this, LeBron continues to set aims and objectives for his career. It is a big reason why he is still one of the most winningest basketball players of all time.

After his career finishes, LeBron James will leave behind a legacy that will be hard to match. If we take lessons from his tips and achievements, we certainly can make personal improvements and better our lives. For more training tips from other athletes, click here.

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