5 Intramural Sports You Can Play in College for Fun

You don't have to be a serious athlete to play intramural sports in college because they are designed just for fun. Most colleges usually offer a wide variety of intramural sports in order to encourage collaboration and teamwork amongst students. The sports are usually for fun, physical exercise, practice, and competition.

College faculty and staff members often participate in the games as well. The sports are usually recreation-based with on-campus teams who strive to enjoy the game more than win the game. The teams, however, often compete for awards, titles and bragging rights. Intramural sports are usually organized within a specific institution, or set within a geographical area.


The term Intramural is derived from the Latin words intra and muros which mean “within walls.” These words are used to describe sports matches and contests that took place amongst team members from within the walls of intercollegiate sports. These sports promote acceptance, inclusion, health, and wellness among the student. The people who ompete or participate in the organization of intramural sporting events benefit from taking a break from coursework and other demands of everyday life.

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Who Manages Intramural Sports In The US?

The National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) is the authorized body that manages all intramural events. Universities and colleges in the US must abide by  NIRSA rules and regulations in order to promote a universal standard for all teams and events. This body also helps schools develop successful intramural teams for competitions.

Although the schools usually follow the regulation, individual characteristics of each program is often a reflection of the particular institution. NIRSA is based in Corvallis, Oregon, and provide a network for more than 4,500 trained professionals, students and associate members of the recreational sports field in not only the US, but also Canada.


What Is The History Of Intramural Sports?

The first-ever intramural sport was established at the University of Michigan and the Ohio State University in 1913. Elmer Mitchel, who was a graduate student at the time was the first director of intramural sports at the University of Michigan. Mitchel is actually considered the “father of intramural sports,” and he also taught William Wasson, the founder of the National Intramural Association (NIA). The NIA was the intramural organizing body before the formation of NIRSA.

Today, intramural tournament events are organized for specific communities or municipal areas between the teams of equivalent athletic ability and age. For example, the programs are organized on campuses that promote fun and competition between the teachers and students sometimes. In fact, in most colleges, these sports are usually used to promote the wellness of students while also providing opportunity for competition.

What Are 5 Intramural Sports That Can Be Played In College For Fun?

Bubble Soccer

This is exactly what it sounds like, players usually wear clear blown-up bubbles while playing soccer. It is definitely a contact sport and the players bounce off of each other in the bubbles while chasing the bubble. This sport is extremely popular at Boston University



This game is similar to volleyball. The game is played on a racquetball court and the rules are also similar to those in volleyball. The difference is that, unlike in volleyball, you are allowed to hit the ball off the walls during shots and rebounds. Wallyball is very popular at Virginia Tech.


You probably heard of this intramural sport if you watched Harry Potter movies. Quidditch was a sport in the Harry Potter books and films and since their release it has spread across many colleges around the world. There are usually two teams who compete to throw balls through three hoops that are guarded by an opponent, while another person then attempts to find the snitch. They do all this with brooms between their legs, which makes it extremely fun and funny to watch. This sport is popular at UCLA, Texas State University and Emerson College.


This is a popular sport at the University of Florida and MIT. It is also known as Underwater Hockey and it is played at the bottom of a pool. The players usually push a lead puck around the pool floor and towards the goal post with a small stick known as a pusher.


This game is played in a pool by participants who get into canoes and use buckets to throw water on opposing team members with the hope of capsizing the opponent’s team boat. It is popular with students at Ohio State University.

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Fun Intramural Sports To Play In College Conclusion

Many college students love these games as they make their college life more fun, especially when they are competing against their friends. Playing intramural sports is also a great way to meet new people and get a work out while you're at it. Getting into sports at college doesn't have to be serious business, it can be a whole lot of laughter and fun if you're getting into the intramural sports side of things.

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