Basketball Team Drills to Help You Win the Next Game

The more you practice, the closer you get to perfect which is why basketball team drills will help you win the next game. Most people that play basketball truly love the game so going hard on drills isn't such a big thing. If you find yourself not wanting to practice that could be a good sign that basketball is not for you.

Natural abilities can get you only so far in any game, that's where drills come in. The difference between the average basketball player and the one who is considered a great is the amount of time they've spent practicing.  Practicing also helps you be more mentally self-confident.


Knowing that you've spent hours doing basketball drills when you step out on the court will give you a major step over the guy who's been lounging. The following drills have been tried and tested, and most teams use them during their practice sessions. We will tell you how to do them correctly to ensure you win the next game that your team will be competing.

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3 on 2 and 3 Man Weave Drill

This drill will help you with spacing, passing, defense and transition offense. Three of the players should be on the offense and stand on the baseline and two players should be defenders on each corner. Three other players should be on the offensive side and perform a 3-man weave on the opposite baseline and they should then come back on the offense. Two more players should be defenders and sprint down and around the cone that is placed at the foul line. Play the game on a 3 on 2 until a defensive rebound.

The coach must ensure that the defenders get back to a high-low position where one player has a free throw line and one other player protects the basket. The offense is only allowed a maximum number of two passes only and they should try to score as quickly as they can while they are on the 3 on 2 advantage.


The Closeout Drill

This is a critical drill for the skills of each player in the team, especially the defense. The players much learn how to get out of a threatening offensive play on the perimeter and they should do this without overcommitting themselves or leaving themselves vulnerable. The coach should set up a line of players on one side of the wing. A defender should stand under the basket in the position of the help side. The coach then stands on the opposite wing and he should have the ball. Once the ball has been passed on to the offensive player, the defender under the basket is required to sprint out in the direction of the ball. They aim to disrupt the shot.

The Disadvantage Drill

This drill requires there to be plenty of great communication between the players as the sprint into a defensive position. The players usually have difficulty in stopping the ball and the closest man to the ball should pick it up and drive it to the sideline.

To do this drill, the coach should line up five defenders on the foul line, and five more players on the offense on the baseline. He should then call out the name of one defensive player and pass the ball to the offensive team. The defender who was called then runs towards the baseline and sprints back to the defense.  The other defensive players are then required to sprint back on to the defense immediately.


The Frenzy

This is yet another fundamental drill that is used to focus on the defense side of the team. It is a variation of the shell drill and points are usually scored whenever the defense stops. The coach should set up five offensive players, and five defensive players. It is a 3 -2 formation. Play five on five and practice the proper way to defend the ball based on the principles. Players are supposed to guard the ball handler and pressure them to the sideline. The defender guarding one of the passes is then denied access.

The player guarding two or more passes should be in the help side position. The defense shall earn a point after each successful stop. The first team to win four points wins the game. The offense and defense can change positions to practice both sides of scoring. This drill works best when the teams practice for seven to eight minutes each time, and everyone should have a closeout move while the ball is still in the air, and then rebound.

Basketball Drills For Your Next Win
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Basketball Drills Conclusion

These are well-known drills that most coaches use with their teams. As a basketball coach, you need to be extremely well-versed in the drills and be able to know how to move from one drill to another. And as a player, you need to be ready and willing to do whatever the coach throws your way.  You can easily determine which players dedicate themselves to basketball drills all year long by the prowess they show on the court.

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