Wi-Fi Warden – Connect to an Access Point Shared by Others

In today’s world, it’s hard to survive without a Wi-Fi connection and in the US alone, there are more than 100 million households with Wi-Fi access. This enables them to stay connected to the internet and communicate with their loved ones.

When you are not at home, then you will be required to use mobile data, which is never cheap. This is a cost that you must account for, either daily, or monthly, depending on your data provider, it is, therefore, a part of your budget expenses.

It’s not always cheap, and if you wish to save money on your internet bills, especially your cellular data, you should consider using the Wi-Fi Warden app. This app only requires you to use a small amount of mobile data to find you the nearest hotspots around, so you can connect to them for free.

Wi-Fi Warden - Connect to an Access Point Shared by Others
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Benefits of Downloading This App

Connects You to Hotspots Which Have Been Shared by Others

This is the biggest benefit of having this app, as it will always ensure that your phone and other devices are connected to the internet for free, which means that you can switch off your data and save some money while at it.

Filters the Nearest Wi-Fis Around You

It will only connect you to the internet connections that are near you, which makes them extremely clear and reliable connections.

Check Who is Connected to Your Own Wi-Fi

Well, if you are going to use the app to get some free Wi-Fi hotspots, you should also expect others to use yours as well, and this app will give you a clue as to who is using your Wi-Fi.

Tests the Internet Connection Speed

The app enables you to also test the internet speed you are using and to identify others that are equally faster.

Analyzes the Wi-Fi Networks Around You

As much as the app gives you access to free Wi-Fi, it doesn’t just connect you to any, but rather gives you the opportunity to analyze the nearby Wi-Fi connections so you can be able to choose the one you want to use, most probably the fastest.

Points to Note

Now, with all of these features, it is important to note the following about the Wi-Fi Warden app.

  • Please note that this is not a hacking tool. The process of hacking is considered illegal and to get the nearest hotspots, you need to be connected to the internet and to have the app downloaded on your device.
  • Connecting with the WPS does not always work with all the routers, and the reason behind this is that Wi-Fi Warden is not a router itself and, therefore, it cannot work on all of them.
  • In order to connect with the WPS, you must have your AP enabled for WPS. The access points must be WPS enabled or marked with the words “WPS.”
  • From Android 6, it will be necessary for you to grant location permission in order to display the Wi-Fi networks around you.
  • All the in-app purchases on the app are specifically for removing ads. The app does not engage in selling anything, and the features are usually free of charge.
  • Connecting using the WPS PIN without any root will not work on some phones such as Huawei and LG, the problem is with the software on these devices and not on Wi-Fi Warden.
  • Some Samsung devices are likely to use encryption and they do not show the real passwords. If you wish to know how you can decrypt them, then please look at the information available about this on the internet.
  • Some of the tools in the app have been specifically developed for educational purposes and testing, therefore you should use them at your own risk. The app developer has put out a disclaimer that they will not accept any responsibility.

You can download Wi-Fi Warden here.


If you have been looking for ways to find free Wi-Fi, (who hasn’t?) then this app will go a long way into helping you achieve this goal.

Please beware that if you have the app on your phone, your Wi-Fi will also be used to help others. All the best as you use the app.

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