Steph Curry Teaches 5 Powerful Life Lessons

Wardell Stephen ‘Steph’ Curry II is perhaps the most intriguing basketball player in the game today. He’s small by basketball standards, but he has a work ethic and focus that has driven him to become one of the most successful players of the day.

What can we take away from his enigmatic and youthful brilliance, his broad appeal and his ability to deliver unbelievable stats?


He’s not a robot, just an incredibly high-achieving person - and that means we can learn something from the way he approaches his sport.

Steph Curry
Steph Curry celebrates hitting a shot for the Warriors. Photo:

Find Your Groove

Steph Curry is known for many things, but perhaps none more than his insane 3-point shooting stats. Despite struggling to find a place at college for basketball because of his size, he worked and worked and worked at making 3-pointers, eventually becoming the pre-eminent shooter in the league.

If you find something that works for you, sometimes it’s not worth ‘working your weaknesses’. Hammer out what you’re good at, and keep doing it. 


Change the Game

Not only did Steph Curry change his own game to reflect his strengths, but he also changed the whole game of basketball. His dominance outside the 3-point line forced teams to adapt to keep up, throwing more and relying on lighter, more accurate players like him.

There’s no better way to stay ahead of the pack than by changing the dynamic - switch it up and play to your strengths to stay two steps ahead always.

Love Thy Neighbour

Not only is Curry a big family man (his father was also an NBA star, playing in Ohio, Toronto, and Carolina) but he’s also open about his deep religious faith. Having something like that to draw upon clearly drives him. 


Making sure the people around you both guide and inspire you is an enormous part of being happy and successful. 

Keep It Real

Curry epitomizes the ‘normal guy’ superstar vibe. Even though he changed the way basketball is played, is frequently the most popular jersey sold by the NBA, and is often touted as ‘the face of the sport’ (alongside Lebron James), he still manages to make basketball ‘normal’ for people. Perhaps because his skill comes from hard work and patience, rather than enormous size and genetic athleticism, he draws fans from every part of the globe and walk of life.

Staying humble in the face of anything that happens to you is the key ingredient to long-term fulfillment in any endeavor.

Excel Everywhere

Sometimes it’s not enough just to be good at one thing. Curry is also an excellent golfer - a pastime he has shared with former US President Barack Obama.

If you know you are good at things that compliment your skillset, you’ll see your confidence multiply and drive you forward.

Curry is the ‘real deal’ - an athlete who just wants to go to work, play hard, and win championships. Yet, he manages to make time for all his fans, and he’s popular with almost everyone. 

That’s an impressive mix, and something we can all strive to emulate in our own lives. Click here to learn about other athletes we can learn lessons from.

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