Kevin Pearce and His Impact on Snowboarding

In the field of snowboarding, Kevin Pearce is a renowned snowboarder who is respected worldwide for his prowess and wins. And that winning streak includes the Winter Olympics. 

One of the highlights of Pearce’s career is during the 2007-2008 Arctic Challenge where he was the first man to earn the two Air & Style rings in one season. He was just beginning his career when he experienced a life-changing fall.


It happened during a training accident at the age of 29. For a person whose life is snowboarding, this is surely heartbreaking. Up next we're going to tell you about how Pearce survived and why it changed his perspective on life.

Kevin Pearce and His Impact on Snowboarding
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Kevin Pearce’s Injury

The injury happened in 2009 while Kevin Pearce was training in Park City, Utah for the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics. He hit his head against the edge of a halfpipe when he was trying to land with his skateboard. 

He was in a coma for six days and then had to stay in the hospital for another three months. The traumatic brain injury requires him to undergo intensive physical and psychotherapy. 


What made his condition worse is that he frequently experienced tremors and required eye surgeries. During that time, he only had little chance of recovery due to complications that arose and that his body was paralyzed. 

Good thing, he didn’t lose hope. He accepted the fact that this is where destiny led him. A year after his injury, there were great improvements in his memory and motor skills that allowed him to do things on his own. 

The Fallout

However, he cannot fully say that he is recovered because he still suffered from binocular double-vision. To deal with it, he needs to change his glasses every two hours. 


How He Approaches Snowboarding Now

Kevin Pearce admitted that he had difficulty accepting the fact the there are high chances that he could no longer go back to snowboarding. He says the healing process that he went through is not only for his physical strength.

He also used it to heal himself emotionally so he can accept his condition and move on. Pearce says he realized he has to find other ways to still live life to the fullest. He already sees snowboarding differently.

Before he dedicated his life to snowboarding, but right now, for him, this sport is just a way to enjoy, have some fun, and escape reality once in a while. 

Each time he is on his snowboard, his mindset is no longer for winning or being the best, but more for freedom and enjoyment. 

His Latest Interview 

In one of his interviews, he was asked if he still has athletic goals or he still wants to attempt to back in his sport. He said that he is no longer in the position to have an athletic goal because reality speaking, his abilities are different.

He also said he doesn’t like to risk his life again. His career in this sport may not turn out to be what he expected, but he says he doesn't regret anything. 

Kevin Pearce and His Impact on Snowboarding
Image Source: Mountain Times

Where Is He Now?

Years after his injury, he still loves snowboarding but is no longer into the competition. For Pearce, the reason for his recovery is his love for his brain. He further nourishes it through yoga and meditation. 

These are the worthwhile activities that he is engaged in to achieve inner peace. To bring inspiration and strength to those who are having a hard time, he started the Love Your Brain Foundation.

That is a non-profit organization that aims to help patients who are also suffering from brain injuries. In this organization, he promotes yoga and meditation to those who suffer from brain injury to achieve well-being. 


The near-fatal injury that Kevin Pearce experienced almost robbed him of his identity. Through great patience, determination, and trust in the healing process, he was able to survive it. 

Pearce is a living legacy that there is always hope as long as you will not lose the urge to live. Even though he can no longer go back to his lifestyle before his injury, he has used this time to share his knowledge to help others. 

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