The Best Winter Activities for Athletes

Like the summer season, winter offers many entertainment outdoor activities suitable for those who are into adventure. Winter brings a host of extreme activities that can be enjoyed.

It’s nice to tuck yourself in bed during winter to get warm, but instead of having an idle time lying in bed, why not try out the different winter activities to get warm? Both amateur adventure seekers and athletes can enjoy different winter activities. 


If you have athletic ability, these are just some of the winter activities that you can try to make your winter season enjoyable.

The Best Winter Activities for Athletes
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Horse Skijoring

Our list's first activity is a team sport that consists of a skier, mounted rider, and a horse or dog. The skier holds a rope that is attached to the saddle. This winter sport is derived from the Norwegian ski driving. 

In the past, the idea of skijoring originated from it being used as a mode of transportation during the winter season. Skijoring is one of the extreme sports that you probably never knew existed.


This underrated sport is often played by athletes as a past time even though it is not considered an Olympic sport. Horse Skijoring is a combination of waterskiing and snow skiing, so you can expect an exhilarating and adrenaline-filled emotion when you try out this sport.  

The rider-horse-skier needs to surpass different obstacles, such as several gates, high jumps, rings, etc. The team with the fastest time will win the event. Believe us when we say this is not a sport for the faint of heart. 

Kite Skiing

Kite skiing or snowkiting is an alpine winter sport wherein the player uses a kite to glide on the snow or ice. You will hold the kite as you normally hold and fly a kite on a normal windy day. 


The only difference in playing it in winter is that there are obstacles to succeed, such as high jumps. The player needs to direct the kite to give them the power to go on to the next level.  

In places like Canada, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, and Russia, kite skiing is considered a speed or expedition race. This sport is quite dangerous, that’s why you need to have proper training and practice before playing the actual game. 

It is similar to kite sailing, but the difference is that you are on a snow ski and not on a boat. The larger the kite that you will be using, the more demand it needs for your athletic ability.

The Best Winter Activities for Athletes
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Suppose you are into car racing, well there is no need to wait for winter to be over before you can enjoy it again. When you do the snocross, you are just like drag racing, but you use a snowmobile that passes through different obstacles such as hurdles and extreme jumps. 

The word “snocross” is derived from the words snowmobile and motocross. There should be extreme weather conditions to make sure that the tracks are frozen.

You must be fully geared with a helmet, upper body protection, elbow and knee pads, eye protection, shin guards, etc. before you will be allowed to race in track. 

This is one of the winter activities in Canada, the United States, Finland, and Sweden. The race speed is up to 60mph with jumps that are 30 feet tall. 


This team winter sport is considered a form of hockey, but the only difference is that it is in an ice field. The rules of this sport are influenced by football or soccer. There are two teams in battle with 11 players on each team. The skaters make use of a stick and a small ball. 

It is said that this is the sport where the modern game, ice hockey, is developed from. This game originated in England in the 18th century and was considered a demonstration sport in Oslo Norway's Olympic game in 1952.


In choosing a winter activity to try out, it’s important to research it to ensure that the skills you have to match the game's specifics. Activities done during winter must be done with extra caution because of their nature and level of difficulty. 

These winter activities are unique in how each game is executed, the venue, and its time of the year. If you want to get warm during this cold season, go ahead and explore the different winter activities you can try out. 

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