Check Out the Best Online Pilates Classes

The pandemic disrupted our daily routines of going to work and hitting the gym after work before finally heading home. Now it is home, home and home all the time unless you can’t avoid moving out either to the hospital, bank or to do some grocery shopping. 

This staying at home means some people have actually not been working out, especially those addicted to the gym. However, I am here to tell you that working out virtually is possible. All you need is a personal trainer or a group to workout with and the right app.


Virtual Pilates classes are some exercises you might want to try out. Learn more about them below.

Check Out the Best Online Pilates Classes
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What are Virtual Pilates Classes?

Pilate exercises are a form of movement that combines torso stability, core work, flexibility and strength training into one functional workout. At its core, Pilates focuses on the entire body’s fitness that can improve strength, movement and control that are all good for the soul. 

There are specific workouts that help that help improve posture, develop core strength, improve posture and boost your energy and ultimately increasing body-mind connection. These classes are flexible to fit different fitness levels and needs. Let’s look at the top Pilates classes below.


Pilatesology - Pilates Intermediate Mat Blast Workout with Alysa Wyatt: Best Overall

When you join this Pilates class, you have access to more than 1400 videos created by the world’s elite Pilate teachers. These videos are available for you to download and access in your convenient time and offline viewing. 

You also get to find various at-home workouts that don’t require any equipment. This Pilates class offers beginner progressions to have you started on your fitness journey. 

You can select your favorite class either by teacher, level, duration or tempo. Every month, you get to access 12 new classes to keep you challenged. Any apparatus that was invented by Joe Pilate will be available to you when you subscribe. 


Download the Pilatesology app from the App store. Also the classes cost $20 per month or $179 annually and you have access to the best Pilates classes. They also offer 14-day free trial.

Alo Moves - Pilates Form With Teal Anderson

This is the best Pilates class for beginners. It offers 6 classes and an average duration of 30 minutes and needs no props. Alo moves light up your body and form deep core strength using Pilates Form. These series will help you learn important Pilates technique to strengthen your body from the center.

Since Pilates focus on the core, these series will help you ignite your powerhouse each week using six sculpting workouts. The workouts will leave you feeling stronger, standing taller and moving more confidently in your body. 

These series will also improve coordination, awareness and control of your body. You can begin with the 14-day trial to join all the classes. After which you pay subscription of $20 per month. Join Alo moves here.

Check Out the Best Online Pilates Classes
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Pilates Anytime - Athletic Mat Flow with Tracey Millet

This Pilates classes is ideal for both intermediate and advanced level fitness. Tracey Millet will take you in a fitness class that works your entire body starting with a warm-up meant to increase your heart rate to prepare you to flow on the mat. 

You will also access strengthening exercises and movement to work on coordination. These exercises are challenging physically and mentally. It only requires you to have a mat and you are ready to exercise away.

When you become a member of Pilates Anytime, you get access to 3000+ videos. You also have 15-day free trial after which you can cancel anytime. The classes cost $18 monthly or $ 198 annually. 

To sign up, you will give your credentials, email address and agree to terms and conditions first. Press ‘continue’ to go to the subscription page.

Bottom Line

Pilates exercises offer specific exercise instruction and low-impact workouts to form a movement which incorporates strength training, torso stability, core work and flexibility into one functional workout. These virtual classes are ideal given the pandemic times where we have to stay home yet keep fit. 

Pay either a monthly or annually subscription depending on the class you select and enjoy various videos and resources for your fitness journey.

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