How to Train at Home With Kelsey Wells

How has the pandemic been treating you? We hope it was a great time to catch up with family, learn a new skill and enjoy family time together. If you are working at home during lockdown and can’t seem to find time for exercises or doing a hobby, then you need to reorganize your schedule

Working at home can be challenging especially when kids are also staying home since there is no school. But good news is you can find an online coach and train with them. Taking fitness classes as a family can also help reconnect as a family.


Kelsey Wells is a certified personal trainer that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Learn more about her below.

How to Train at Home With Kelsey Wells
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Who is Kelsey Wells?

Kelsey Wells is a BCRPA certified Personal Trainer, Emotional Eating Recovery coach and Registered Holistic Nutritionist working in the health and wellness industry since 2011

She is deeply passionate about assisting people re-connect to their bodies through movement therapies, eat well and step into their personal power. This way, her clients are able to live fulfilling and wholehearted lives.


PWR At Home

When she had just had her baby Anderson, she planned a workout plan at home especially for women who are busy raising kids and may not have time to go to the gym. This program requires minimum time everyday and needs minimal equipment. 

It is ideal for; busy stay-at home mums, busy working mums and any person that needs to keep fit at home. In fact, PWR at Home regimen is ideal for everyone that can’t access the gym especially during these pandemic times.

PWR or POWER emphasizes resistance training or hypertrophy training that increases lean muscles and overall strength. It is a 36-week training program which includes 4 additional weeks of beginner training and will help you work on increasing overall strength and lean muscles regardless of how far you have gone on your fitness journey.


How Does It Work?

Each PWR at Home workout begins with a warm up, then activation, circuit, supersets, burnout and lastly cool down. Note that Burnout is added during week 5 onward and as your workout progresses, the programs keeps building to keep you challenged. 

On top of your weight training sessions, the program has a cardio element too that begin in week 1 and keep decreasing as you progress. A full PWR at Home workout lasts between 40-50 minutes.

Benefits of PWR at Home

It is ideal for anyone that cannot access the gym. If you had already started your fitness journey, then you can begin with week 1 of PWR at Home. 

If you are beginner in the fitness journey, you’ll start with the 4 weeks of Beginner training to prepare you and get you used to the program hence is ideal for both beginners and those that had reached somewhere in their fitness journey.

Rather than focusing on physical exercises, PWR at Home helps you empower yourself through fitness.This workout structure is designed to improve your muscular strength and therefore ideal for anyone that wants to lose fat, gain lean muscle and maintaining bone density especially for women.

Kelsey has also designed challenges to keep her trainers on their toes. Participate in the challenges and see your fitness progress.

How to Train at Home With Kelsey Wells
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To Sign Up

Al you need to sing up to Kelsey Wells’ PWR at Home program is download the Sweat App from either Google play Store or Apple store. After, select Kelsey Wells as your trainer and you are ready to start your fitness journey. To download this app, it will cost you $19.99/month or $119.94/annually.

Bottom Line

Kelsey Wells designed a fitness program ideal for almost everyone that doesn’t want to use the gym. It is intended to help you gain lean muscle, lose weight and increase your strength. 

It requires minimal equipment and all this you can achieve in the comfort of your home. Download the sweat app and start your fitness journey with Kelsey Wells.

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