What Are The Most Popular Brands Of Sports Shoes?

People are pretty picky when it comes to their sports shoes, but there are popular brands of sports shoes that everyone loves. Most people probably know all about Nike, Adidas, and Jordan’s, but they probably have no idea there are plenty of other sports shoes that are just as great and reliable for athletes. In this review, we shall be looking at the most popular and most beloved sports shoes.

Sports shoes are one of the most purchased types of footwear in the world. They are comfortable for everyday wear and also great for when you are playing any kind of sport. Sports shoes are designed to be lightweight, comfortable and flexible enough to let you run, jump and move in the field as much as you want. Beyond their functionality, they have also become stylish fashion accessories.


Sports shoe brands have existed for many years, and are sold all around the world. There are also some international brands that have found a real following due to not only their quality, but because of the athletes and celebrities associated with them. Let’s have a look at some of these popular sports shoe brands.

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If you have never heard of Nike, you probably live under a rock because they are the world’s best and most popular sports shoe brands. Nike is an American company that sells shoes, sporting equipment, apparel and accessories all over the world. It was founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman in 1964. The company was formally known as Blue Ribbon Sports and then later on changed to Nike in 1974.

They have one of the most aggressive marketing campaigns that seem to hire only the top athletes and players to market their shoes such as Ronaldo, Neymar, Ronaldinho, etc. They are so big, that in 2018, their revenue was $36.4 million. They have approx. 73 thousand employees all over the world. This is without a doubt the biggest sports shoe company.



This is also another well-known company based in Europe. It is the second-largest in the world, right after Nike. The name Adidas is based on the name of the founder Adolf “Adi” and his second name Dassler “Das.” He made the sports shoe from the laundry room of his mother’s house in July 1924.

Their revenue as of 2018 was € 10.809 billion, which goes to show just how profitable the company is. It has more than 30 stores in the US and 480 total stores all over the world. They have employed around 57,000 people to work in their stores and their shoes are extremely popular especially among the youth, and their design and quality if over 94 years old.


This brand is named after the founder – Michael Jordan. Every NBA fan knows Jordan and probably loves his sports shoe brand. They are casual, athletic and stylish. The logo of the shoe is of a man jumping with a basketball player. The company was launched in 1984 and as of 2017, they reported revenue in the hundreds of millions, which goes to show just how much Michael Jordan’s influence spans.



This is a popular German-based brand that designs and manufactures sports shoes as well as casual shoes, sports apparel, and accessories. Their headquarters are in Germany, and this is the fourth largest sportswear company in the world. The company was founded in 1948, by Rudolf Dassler, and as of 2017, the company made more than 128.7 million euros. They have over 13,000 employees in more than 120 countries countrywide.


This company has become one of the most popular shoes among young people, who look far and wide to find one of their designs. The brand produces skating shoes and lifestyle footwear and other sporting apparel. The company was created by Marquis Mills Converse in 1908 and has been a subsidiary company for Nike since 2003.

They sell their products under the trade names; Cons, John Varvatos, Chuck Taylor All-Star and Jack Purcell. They also sell sports apparel and footwear, and the company has branches in more than 161 countries. As of 2019, their global revenue was 1.89 billion US dollars.


Reebok sells their brand and other sporting footwear and apparel all over the world. They currently operate as a subsidiary of Adidas since 2005, and at the time of the acquisition, the company was worth $3.8 billion. They manufacture plenty of sportswear such as running shoes and clothing. This company was founded in 1958 by Jeff and Joe Foster. Their headquarters are in Boston Massachusetts in the US, and their net sales as of 2018 were 1.69 billion euros.

The Indians are the best clients and the Indian Reebok has 46% of the market share when it comes to the footwear product. India is actually the only country where Reebok brand’s value is greater than that of Adidas and Nike.

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Most Popular Sports Brands Conclusion

Our list of the most popular brands for sports shoes has looked at the biggest names in terms of annual income, popularity and current staff numbers. These are the six biggest names in sport's shoes right now. The most popular brands of sports shoes have cornered the market due to the quality of their products as well as celebrity and athlete endorsements.

There is, however, always room for a new kid on the block. So let's wait and see which new sports shoe brand is going to take down one of the greats. Taking down one of these legendary sports shoe brands certainly won't be an easy job.

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