Check Out the Pilates Wheel For the Ultimate Home Workout

One thing that a number of people have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic is that you can work out from home easily. Previously, people assumed working out meant hitting the gym or taking classes, but that's all changed. And no, you don't have to watch workout videos either.

What you need other than videos is equipment that you can use to ensure your workout goes smoothly. One of the tools that you should have when you want to workout is a Pilates Wheel. The wheel can give you the ultimate experience for your home workout routines.


But what kind of workouts can you do with the wheels? You can find out more about the features of the wheel and what kind of workout you can do with them below. Info on how you can sign up for a class on how to use the wheels can also be found next.

Check Out the Pilates Wheel For the Ultimate Home Workout

Types of Wheels

Basically, there are two types of wheels. The first one is Pilate Wheel COR Open Box Unit which is convenient for outside workout routines. The other one is the Pilate Wheel DLX unit and you can get either of them from the Pilate Wheels official website.

Now, the DLX is a bit more complicated than the COR Open Box, the DLX Unit gives you a chance to add an anchor to it so as to support a range of workouts. The anchor can be tied to any heavy objects so that you can perform your workouts with ease.


In case you had purchased the COR Open Box, and want to upgrade it to support a wider array of workouts, you don't need to buy the DLX unit. You can purchase a DLX anchor package separately and add it to the COR unit.

To check out what the anchor package looks like and to make a purchase, you can follow this link. The wheels are quite compact and portable that you can move around with them anywhere.

Video Workouts

You can get up to 11 free videos of how you can workout using the wheels through DVDs that you can download for free here. These workouts can get you from a beginner stage of the Pilate wheels to the advanced stage of the workouts.


The good part about the DVDs is that you also get to learn just how you can set up the Pilate Wheel.

Streaming Classes

Another way that you can learn how to workout with the Pilate Wheel is through engaging the streaming services. Through the streaming service you can access hundreds of classes. And you can stream them on your TV and other smart devices.

They, however, aren't free to use, you have to pay top dollar to use this service, for example, the annual membership for the streaming service is $149.99. Best part is that you'll feel like you're there with the trainer when you use the streaming services.

The monthly charge for the service is $14.99 and you can get your subscription at this link. You can always get a free 30-day trial that gives you a clear picture of what you'll get if you subscribe to the service.


Working out and keeping in shape isn't quite an easy task but when you can easily do it at home it make the whole thing easier.  The free videos will guide you on how to incorporate the Pilates Wheel into your workouts. And this whole thing doesn't have to be a solitary  affair, you can invite family and friends to join you.

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