These Are the Best Dance Workouts to Try at Home

Sure standing in front of the fridge is fun, but let's spice it up with a dance workout at home so you can get in some fitness and fun. Dancing has become the go-to method for weight loss, with success stories of people who danced their way to a skinny waist.

Dancing is actually a great way to burn plenty of calories, and currently, there are thousands of dance videos you can watch and dance along to the music. Don’t let the fact that you can't go to the gym suck your energy. There's a lot you can do at home.


You can do the following dances with your family members whom you are stuck in the house with, and even Zoom some of the classes so your friends and relatives can join in. We're going to tell you about some dance apps that will get you moving.

These Are the Best Dance Workouts to Try at Home
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Pick A Dance Workout App To Try At Home

Just Dance

If you want to work out with plenty of other people, then you should try using the Just Dance Now app. This is a version of the extremely popular just dance video game.

The app version can be downloaded on your smartphone and using your Wi-Fi, you get to connect with plenty of people doing the same thing you are.


Zumba Dance

Now, this is where you get to really move and enjoy yourself. Over the last couple of years, Zumba has been one of the most popular dance exercises in the world. There is an app that lets you enjoy the fun of a Zumba class at home.

The Zumba Dance is available on your iPhone and Android phone as well, and Zumba is a great way to burn down those calories. The app offers plenty of different workouts, and they have incorporated fan favorites such as Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, and Bollywood.

Viva Fitness

If you are really serious about losing weight, then Viva Fitness is an aerobic fitness dance program that promises wonders when it comes to burning fat and sculpting a toned body, while ensuring you are having plenty of fun with their exciting dance moves.


They have an app that you can download on your iPhone and the dance routine combines with plenty of other great dances such as Salsa, Samba, Soca, Hip-hop, and Mambo. It is a free app that includes some interesting warm-up exercises.


If you are looking to improve your moves, through intricate instructions, then this is the app for you. Download it on your iPhone and get to tone your body using their wide range of dancing styles that range from Disco, Burlesque, Swing, and even Hip Hop.

The app has 225 dance animations that have detailed instructions on how to use your feet to make it great. It shall cost you around $3.99 to download the app, and they promise to give you your money’s worth.

You are also free to use the patterns on the app to create your very own dance sequences and then save them for use later. Additionally, the app features some weight-loss tips that pros in the nutrition field swear by.


This is a popular dance style that is ballet-inspired. If you wish to tone up your core, and cannot get to a studio, then it would be a good idea to download this app and use it in the comfort of your own home.

It is a full-body dancing workout that incorporates plenty of low-impact movements that are designed to tone your muscles, build your strength, and increase your flexibility. Due to the ballet-inspired theme, dancing also helps to improve your posture.

You must fork at least $15 each month to download and access their workout library. If however, you wish to gain full access, the subscription is slightly higher and ranges between $25 and $29 each month. You get access to more than 300 workouts.


The name of this app tells you what it’s all about. It is a tap-dancing, resistance training, cardio, and body sculpting exercise that is designed to work on your abs and burn off the fat. The dance workouts are between 20 and 30 minutes each.

You will find styles like Funk, Street, Latin, Broadway, and many more. It will cost you $120 to get access to their full program. You shall also get to do some toning work, and exercise your lower legs too, as well as your buttocks.

These Are the Best Dance Workouts to Try at Home
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Learn A Dance Workout At Home Conclusion

So, if dancing is your forte, then these dance workouts will go a long way in making your stay at home more interesting. The best thing about dancing is that you can do it whenever and wherever. You can do it alone or with your family. How you dance is all up to you.

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